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We do also recommend that you read the rest of this page.  There is even a case example towards the bottom.

Debt Settlement Lawyers from a BBB A+ Rated Lawfirm

BBB “A+” Rated Debt Settlement Companies — the only way to go.


“GFS put me on a plan that helped me to become debt free faster than I believed could happen.  Their prices were the least high compared to all the other companies that I received a quote from.  A debt attorney was also included in my program. 

My legal assistant Jeanette provided me with constant reassurance and help through phone calls and emails.  The online updates were also helpful because I could log on anytime and check on the status or updates on my account.  I first came to GFS because my brother-in-law Dave used their service.  He is still in the program but already had about ten creditors settled and paid.  I had a lot less debt than him, so I am already debt free.

It took me less than a year to pay off my three creditors. GFS made a scary time in my life easy, and I am now back on the right path. I do give permission to have GFS give any potential customers that they may have, my contact information if you would like to talk with me.  After all that GFS helped me through, this is the least that I can do.”

Shirley Woods – Alabama

Debt Lawyer - A+ Rated Company

A Highly Rated Debt Settlement Lawyer will be included in your program.

What Exactly do Debt Settlement Lawyers do?

Debt Lawyers provide our clients with legal services when enrolled in the settlement program including an initial legal file review, lawsuit defense, an asset preservation analysis, and a litigation preparedness program.

When enrolled in a settlement program we believe in providing our clients with these additional legal services that they could need if creditors decide to play hard. 

We would rather take zero chances with our clients and their financial well-being.  To us, it is imperative that our clients have a successful program where we save them the maximum amount of dollars.  This mentality that we have allows us to maintain our “A+” Better Business Bureau Rating, zero unresolved customer complaints and one of the highest client graduation rates in the industry.

Having debt settlement lawyers involved and provided these legal services to our clients helps to ensure that our clients are in better financial shape upon graduating the program.

Are you scared of the legal ramifications that could result from not paying your bills? 

Are you considering settling on your own?  

Are you considering bankruptcy or contacting a bankruptcy attorney?

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Credit Card Lawsuits

According to the New York Times, “statistically borrowers are behind on more than $18.7 billion in revolving credit.  Creditors are not always following the proper legal procedures, even when they have the right to collect money. 

Companies like American Express, Citigroup, and Discover Financial Services are going to court to recoup their money by filing lawsuits and taking consumers to court. A lot of the lawsuits rely on incomplete records or false records, erroneous documents and generic testimonies from witnesses.”

By Jessica Silver Greenberg, NY Times on August 12, 2012, 9:09 pm

Credit Card Debt Settlement Lawyers

Credit Card Debt Lawyers will assist our clients with lawsuit defense and any other legal issues that may arise when joining on a settlement program.  There are cases where consumers are served with a lawsuit before joining on our program, where we can still get them approved on the program, to provide them with the necessary Credit Card Lawsuit Defense.

If a consumer receives a credit card lawsuit while on the program, their lawyer that we assign to them will legally defend them and work to get their case dismissed.  Once the lawsuit is dismissed, our negotiations continue until the debt has been successfully settled.

To learn more about creditor lawsuits, we recommend that you read this page next.

Seen on FOX News

Seen on FOX, “A+” Better Business Bureau Rating and Featured on CNBC in 2013

Debt Settlement Lawyers – Program Case Example

Here is an illustration of a customer that joined on the program where she needed a lawyer to defend her from a lawsuit.

Jill’s Situation:

  • Jill has nine cards adding up to a TOTAL of $50,908.  Her income was reduced at work approximately six months ago, and she was forced to fall behind on all of her unsecured accounts.  She is now roughly five months behind.
  • Jill was paying approximately $1,300 per month just to stay current on her minimum payments before she fell behind on these accounts.
  • Jill could have paid $1,000 per month to stay current on her accounts, but the creditors refused to work with her on her own. She attempted the challenging task of negotiating with these card companies on her own, but it was just too overwhelming, and the creditors would not agree to lower her payments enough.
  • Jill decided to do nothing until one of the creditors decided to sue.
  • The creditor that just sent her the lawsuit is attempting to get a default judgment and garnish Jill’s wages.  Her income was already reduced and now if her remaining wages are garnished she will have no way to survive financially.
  • Jill needs assistance fast!

Jill’s Solution:

  • Jill had only bankruptcy or debt negotiation as options.
  • Jill was trying hard to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Jill qualified for our settlement program, and she joined.
  • A debt lawyer immediately helped Jill with responding to the lawsuit once she was approved for the program.  Jill’s lawsuit was dismissed and then settled on the program for a significant amount less than what she owed.
  • Her monthly program payment with us was only $900 per month, which was around $400 less than what she had been paying.
  • Jill is now debt free, 31 months after joining on our program.

Debt negotiation with a lawyer involved was the perfect Credit Card Relief Option for Jill.

Many consumers have similar situations to what Jill was experiencing, and we can most likely help them too.

Consumers can call in for free consultations at 866-376-9846.  If consumers qualify for debt negotiation, once approved, they will then be matched with one of the highly rated debt settlement lawyers that we work with.

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