Credit Card Relief Programs

Credit Card Debt Relief Option #1 – Debt Settlement

Debt settlement services as a credit card relief program


  • Debt negotiation, also known as debt settlement, can be the fastest debt relief option for consumers to take to pay off bills.
  • A significant amount less than the total balance owed can be paid back to satisfy a debt.
  • One small monthly payment will take place for the consumer.
  • Attorney FDCPA defense & protection included on each client’s plan. If creditors violate a client’s legal rights, FDCPA and legal protection are available.
  • With debt settlement services, a client who finishes the program ends up paying a significant amount less than their total debt owed.
  • Debt settlement services have helped thousand’s of customers in the last year alone. After 13 years in business, Golden Financial Services has established proven methods and aligned with the best debt settlement representatives in the nation, to ensure clients get nothing less than fantastic service.
  • When comparing debt settlement to consumer credit counseling or debt consolidation graduated clients, the debt settlement clientele who complete the program successfully will save the most money.


  • Could have an adverse effect on credit scores.
  • Creditor harassment can take place.
  • Consumers are supposed to pay taxes on a forgiven debt. There are tax forms that can assist consumers on this subject that a licensed tax preparer can help on, to evade having to pay taxes on the money saved if a person is insolvent. (IRS #982 Form)

Credit Card Relief Program #2 – Debt Management Plan (AKA: Consumer Credit Counseling Program)

Credit Card Relief - Consumer Credit Counseling


  • Late fees can be waived with debt management.
  • Interest rates can be lowered on a debt management plan.
  • Overall monthly payments can be reduced once getting approved on the program.
  • Client’s are only responsible for a single monthly payment, making life easier.
  • No creditor harassment should occur when using a debt management plan.


  • Third party adverse notation reported on a person’s credit report.
  • Debt management plans last for on average 48 months, which can be longer than if a person was to join on a debt settlement program.
  • Higher payment than on a debt settlement program. With a debt management payment, it’s usually smaller. Click here to take a closer look at debt settlement vs. debt management.
  • Some debt management companies will charge high hidden fees. Consumers should only enroll with a nonprofit BBB “A+” Rated Company.

Debt Relief Option #3 – Bankruptcy

Credit Card Relief Programs - Voted #1


  • Bankruptcy may save your home from foreclosure.
  • Bankruptcy can provide quick debt relief. (within months)
  • Bankruptcy can stop wage garnishment.
  • Bankruptcy can be used to cease or stop creditor harassment.
  • Certain debts will be discharged in bankruptcy.


  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy could lead to the possible loss of nonexempt property.
  • Bankruptcy can ruin a person’s credit for 7-10 years.
  • Attorney fees can be high, plus court fees, plus pre-bankruptcy credit counseling fees and possibly more fees for the credit education course required after filing.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plans can last for five years, and a consumer’s payment will typically be higher then what it would be on a debt settlement program.
  • Credit Card Relief Programs including debt settlement and debt management are much better options for consumers needing debt relief if they can qualify. However, sometimes consumers will not qualify for these programs and bankruptcy is their only option.
  • It is important for consumers to read and get educated for free, before joining on any program.

Debt Relief Option #4 – Debt Validation

This day and age credit card company’s and debt collectors don’t always abide by all of the federal laws including the FDCPA and FCRA. You have the right to challenge your debt collectors and force them to prove that they are abiding by all of the federal laws. If a debt collector cannot provide all of the necessary documentation and accuration information in accordance with what federal laws require, your debt could become legally uncollecitble and they must also remove any derogatory information pertaining to the disputed account off of your credit report. Golden Financial Services uses our years of expertise to help you determine the best debt relief program for your situation. Debt Validation can often be the least expensive route for a person to take. Learn how a debt validation service could resolve your credit card debt.

Debt Relief Option #5 – Student Loan Relief

Student loan consolidation programs can be confusing and complicated. Golden Financial Services can assist you with consolidating your federal student loans. There are income and hardship based programs available to help students with their student loan debt. Golden Financial Services can review your student loan relief options and find you the lowest payment. There are private student loan relief programs and federal student loan relief programs availalbe at Golden Financial Services, so simply apply for a free consultation and find out all of your options.

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