Credit Card Relief Programs

Credit Card Relief Programs
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In 2016, Credit Card Relief Programs are at their best. Need help consolidating or reducing your debt? Sick of opening bills in the mail? Apply now; it’s free! Call 866-376-9846!

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Credit Card Relief Programs with a BBB credit card relief programscredit card relief programs
Credit Card Relief Programs with a BBB credit card relief programscredit card relief programscredit card relief programs
credit card relief programs
credit card relief programscredit card relief programs


Credit Card Relief Program – Debt Settlement


Customer review: I appreciated all the personal attention I got from them. I would get a call once a month finding out how I was doing and if I had any concerns. They were with me from day one . walked me through the whole process. thanks again for all your support and great customer service. I got involved with another not so reputable company be careful with who you go with. I found these people and was totally amazed how quick they were to help and when they said they did something it was done.

  • Debt negotiation, also known as debt settlement, as a credit card relief program can be the fastest route for
    consumers to take to pay off all unsecured debt.
  • A significant amount less than the principle owed can be paid back to satisfy a debt.
  • One small monthly payment will take place for the consumer.
  • Attorney FDCPA defense & protection included on each client’s plan. Specialized attorneys will aggressively defend our clients when FDCPA violations occur. This legal service ensures that our client’s consumer rights are protected!
  • With debt settlement consumers are actually paying their debt back, which is ethically the right thing to do, but based on their hardship, consumers pay a fair amount back.
  • Debt settlement has helped hundreds and thousands of consumers.
  • No third party notation! With consumer credit counseling, a third party notation
    will show up on a consumer’s credit report. This can be looked at as a negative mark.


  • Could have a negative affect on credit.
  • Consumers could get creditor phone calls in the beginning of the program which can be stressful.
  • Consumers are supposed to pay taxes on a forgiven debt. There are
    tax forms that can assist consumers on this subject that a licensed tax preparer can help on, so
    that you are not going to have to pay taxes on the money saved. (IRS #982 Form)

Credit Card Relief Program – Debt Management Plan


Credit Card Relief

  • Late fees can be waived with debt management.
  • Interest rates can be lowered on a debt management plan.
  • Overall monthly payments can be lowered once getting approved on the program.
  • One monthly payment for the consumer.
  • No creditor harassment should occur when using a debt management plan.


  • Third party negative notation reported on a person’s credit report.
  • Debt management plans last for on average 48 months, which can be longer than if a person
    was to join on a debt settlement plan.
  • Higher payment than on a debt settlement plan. With a debt management payment it’s usually smaller.
    Click here to take a closer look at debt settlement vs. debt management.
  • Some debt management companies will charge high hidden fees. Consumers should only enroll with a non
    profit BBB “A+” Rated Company if debt management is the program they qualify for.

Credit Card Relief – Bankruptcy


Credit Card Relief Programs 1st

  • Bankruptcy may save your home from foreclosure.
  • Bankruptcy can provide quick debt relief. (within months)
  • Bankruptcy can stop wage garnishment.
  • Bankruptcy can be used to cease or stop creditor harassment.
  • Certain debts will be discharged with bankruptcy.


  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy could lead to the possible loss of nonexempt property.
  • Bankruptcy can ruin a person’s credit for 7-10 years.
  • Attorney fees can be high, plus court fees, plus pre-bankruptcy credit counseling fees and possibly more fees
    for the credit education course required after filing.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plans can last for 5 years and a consumer’s payment will typically be higher
    than what it would be on a debt settlement plan.
  • Credit Card Relief Programs including debt settlement and debt management are much better options for consumers
    needing debt relief if they can qualify. However sometimes consumers will not qualify for
    these programs and bankruptcy is their only option.
  • It is important for consumers to read and get educated for free, before joining on any program.

Additional Unsecured Debt Relief Options:

  • Debt Validation – This day and age credit card company’s and debt collectors don’t always abide by all of the federal laws including the FDCPA and FCRA.  You have the right to challenge your debt collectors and force them to prove that they are abiding by all of the federal laws. Golden Financial Services offers a debt validation service where we use our expertise and proprietary paperwork to challenge your debt collectors. Learn how a debt validation service could resolve your credit card debt.
  • Student Loan Relief – Student loan consolidation programs can be confusing and complex. Golden Financial Services can assist you with consolidating your federal student loans.  There are income and hardship based programs available to assist student’s with their student loan debt. Golden Financial Services can review your student loan relief options and find you the lowest payment.  

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Credit Card Relief Program
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