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Review LendingTree Personal Loans

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debt consolidation review: LendingTree Personal Loans, Complains, Ratings and Cost

Is LendingTree Legit? Review the following details and you be the judge!

Review LendingTree Personal Loans as of 2023

LendingTree Personal Loan Reviews reflect an innovative platform that allows users to browse offers for loans from multiple companies. The LendingTree database pairs users with loans, lenders, and offers that are tailored to their unique financial profile. These solutions include debt elimination, and achieving the goal of paying down debt. For those interested in credit repair, refinancing, and debt consolidation, LendingTree is a great option. Additionally, the types of loans offered on this platform include automobile loans, mortgages, home equity lines, personal loans, student loans, and more. 

Instead of applying to many lenders and worrying about numerous hard credit inquiries, LendingTree allows prospective applicants to find the right product quickly. Users can avoid trips to multiple banks and speaking to numerous people. In the past, applicants had to file mountains of paperwork or get stuck online initialing e-signatures through hundreds of loan pre-qualification packets. Clients welcome the idea of LendingTree and the ability to conveniently compare aspects of loans ranging from interest rates to repayment options. 

There’s a lot to like about this company, but there are also downsides and cons that you need to know about. For example, the majority of LendingTree’s BBB reviews are one-star rated. People often complain about getting hounded from many lenders soliciting them loans. One recent review stated; “I’ve gotten at least 100 phone calls in the 3 days, from all these different lenders (Rocket Mortgage being the biggest offender, they would call me back to back sometimes).”

Also, make sure to compare offers from other companies. Compare offers with top-rated debt relief, settlement and consolidation companies, including; Accredited Debt Relief, Trinity Debt Management, Beyond Finance and Rescue One Financial.

About LendingTree Personal Loans:

  • Legal Name: LendingTree
  • Industry: Commercial and Consumer Finance
  • Address: 1415 Vantage Park Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28203
  • Website:
  • Phone: 1 (800) 555-8733
  • Is LendingTree Licensed? Yes, for Marketing Lead Generator and Duly Licensed Mortgage Broker
  • Where is LendingTree Available? California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington
  • Certifications and Accreditations: LendingTree’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating is A+ and they are Accredited, Member of the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, Offers Gold Leaf Mortgage Lender Certification Program

What is LendingTree?

LendingTree was launched in 1996 as a way for consumers to simplify the loan application process. Instead of filling out numerous paper applications at multiple banks, you could go online and  pick from a wide array of loan products. LendingTree launched its initial public offering by 2000 and is found on Nasdaq under the ticker name “TREE.” LendingTree is heralded as an example of FinTech success, given how it utilized the Internet to provide a marketplace for lenders. 

Since its IPO, LendingTree has grown to include 1,289 employees and is valued at over 1 billion in revenue. LendingTree has seen tremendous growth and is currently seeing high demand. They presently work with over 700+ lenders, providing everything from debt consolidation to automotive loans. 

How Does LendingTree Work?

You can launch the LendingTree website or download the application on your mobile phone. 

  1. Create a LendingTree account.
  2. You fill out an application relevant to the type of loan products you are interested in.
  3. The application involves basic consumer data and a credit profile. 
  4. The application is sent to multiple lenders (since LendingTree is more of an intermediary rather than an actual brokerage, mortgage lender, or lending institution).
  5. LendingTree sends information about your credit score, such as the FICO, to numerous lenders. 
  6. Then, you have the option to browse through the results or wait for the companies to call and make an offer. 

What Type of Accounts Qualify for LendingTree?

LendingTree’s home page notes that it partners with banks that provide home loans, home refinance loans, personal loans, and HELOC loan packages. Many of these lenders also offer personal loans, refinance programs, and other ways to tackle personal debt. In terms of debt consolidation, LendingTree also works with companies dedicated to debt consolidation and settlements. The debt relief firms LendingTree primarily partners with are Freedom Debt Relief and J.G. Wentworth. 

According to research on LendingTree by the trusted blog The Wall Street Survivor, the following are eligible for debt relief and consolidation programs:

  • Accounts in collections
  • Court judgment fees and settlements
  • Medical debt
  • Student loan debt
  • Tax debt
  • Utility bills
  • Unsecured loans

Is LendingTree Legitimate?

LendingTree has an A+ BBB rating, which means that the operation must adhere to the standards of trust and solid business practices that the BBB follows. The rating also includes whether the BBB believes the company attempts to remedy its complaints, whatever the nature of those are, and however those are expressed pursuant to their line of business. In general, active membership with the BBB is a positive sign as it expects businesses to resolve complaints, remain licensed pertinent to the industry, and have active certifications.  

LendingTree itself asserts that it guides customers through the lending process, reveals ratings about the lenders on its website, and has tools like payment calculators to help people find the right loan product. They also offer credit monitoring, give financial advice, and display potential savings within their programs. LendingTree offers typical consumer home loans backed by the FHA, VA, private banks, etc., so lenders like the federal government itself are legit. 

Is LendingTree Licensed?

To originate mortgage loans legally in the United States, lenders register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) to be considered licensed. NMLS membership requires mortgage lenders to obtain state licenses and follow regulatory practices within the state where it does business. Individuals who originate loans have to be certified within this program as well. Some types of loans do not require registration in the NMLS database, such as SBA (Small Business Administration) loans. LendingTree is licensed in the NMLS database. 

While LendingTree offers an online marketplace for businesses and potential customers to identify one another online, it isn’t a brokerage and instead provides ratings of the entities on its website. However, as a platform that distributes mortgage loans, LendingTree still has to be licensed in NMLS and is in its database. 

Is LendingTree Accredited?

As a member of the BBB, or Better Business Bureau, LendingTree has been officially accredited since 2019. The BBB is a 501 nonprofit institution that accredits and rates businesses in the United States and worldwide. In order to be accredited, businesses must continue to demonstrate approval ratings and fulfill the organization’s standards. The accreditation also means that LendingTree has no ethics violations, resolves its customer complaints, plus other BBB requirements. Lastly, LendingTree meets the requirement of servicing transactions through a secure platform on its website. 

LendingTree Debt Consolidation Loan Pros

When people are anxious, contemplating debt consolidation, and considering their personal finance options, even those who experience financial hardship are surprised at the plethora of options. Not only are there hundreds of companies to choose from, but there are different pathways to debt resolution, ranging from consolidation to refinance to declaring bankruptcy. The entire process can be time-consuming, stressful, and embarrassing to customers. 

LendingTree Pros: 

  • Access to a large database of lenders who process hundreds of requests regarding loans and are desensitized to the issue of personal debt. 
  • Anonymous access to an online community of lenders vs a personal visit to a bank.
  • LendingTree offers more than one consolidation service, which allows the individual to pick the best option. 
  • Many who experience financial distress dislike the lack of control over their lives and seeing more options gives clients a little more breathing room. 
  • People have the opportunity to settle debts and negotiate with more than one company for the best rate. 
  • A service like LendingTree is more like a portfolio of lenders and consolidation options that LendingTree picks vs. the first option that a financially distressed individual finds online. 
  • People experiencing extreme financial distress might become desperate and fall for consolidation scams online or over the phone.  

LendingTree Cons

Known or reported issues with LendingTree include:

  • Since it involves a large, online database, there is less personal interaction.
  • Some may prefer making major financial choices with someone in person, as an important trust factor. 
  • Users have reported receiving too many calls from lenders on LendingTree.
  • Unfavorable to those who dislike speaking to sales agents. 

What credit score is good enough for a LendingTree debt consolidation loan? 

Regarding the credit score required for a personal loan, LendingTree states, “If your credit score is below 580, you may still qualify for debt consolidation — just know that your APR might be much higher than the rates on your current debts.”  

While LendingTree connects the user with the bank, the individual lender chooses whether or not to finance the loan. 

Add up the total cost of the loan. If the loan cost exceeds what you’re currently on track to pay, re-evaluate if it’s the right option. If you’re unhappy with the loan offer, explore consumer credit counseling and debt settlement. 

What is the purpose of the loan? Make sure that your goals align with your proposed debt solution. In other words, if your goal is to save money, the loan cost should be less than what you’re currently on track to pay.

Does LendingTree Hurt Your Credit?

According to LendingTree’s own data, debt consolidation both harms and helps a credit score.  Debt consolidation will help people who have defaulted on their loans regain their credit, yet they may notice their credit score goes down when companies process their applications. Users generally experience a small dip during the application process, when the lender runs their hard credit score. LendingTree itself is not the institution running hard credit inquiries; that would be processed by the company running the application. 

In the world of finance, credit is an important tool, and the process of debt consolidation is exactly what the name entails. When someone agrees to a debt consolidation contract, the bank combines multiple loans into a single one and offers the client a rate. The lenders generally require repayment in regular installations. People are attracted to the possibility that new loans are financed at a lower interest rate, but one’s credit score will change over the course of the application. 

Is debt consolidation right for me?

Debt consolidation can help individuals if they are having trouble making their monthly payments and finding the original contracts unreasonable. They may dislike what they consider high-interest rates. Those who currently have high credit scores benefit from taking out a new loan at a lower rate, but the monthly payment amount may change. When the original debt is paid in full, then their credit score increases. As long as they are able to make their monthly payment, their credit score will remain high. 

Debt consolidation is useful for people who have good credit, multiple loans, and dislike the task of payments at different times of the month. They want to simplify the way they pay for loans and when the payment is due. 

Is debt settlement right for me?

According to Bankrate’s research on debt settlement, “A debt settlement company acts as a middleman between you and your lenders and creditors to reduce or eliminate your debt.” In this case, the loans aren’t being consolidated into a new package with the goal of a lower rate. Debt settlement companies attempt to directly contact the lender and lower the total amount or win more favorable terms. Debt settlement strategies harm one’s credit score if the company requires holding off payments entirely, which results in negative hits and revolving credit. 

When consulting with a financial company about debt consolidation or settlement options, seek legal, professional, and wellness advice whenever possible. Prospective clients should proceed with caution, explore all their options, and plan carefully. 

How much does LendingTree Cost?

LendingTree does not charge clients fees to use their products or services, or find lenders. Membership is free and LendingTree does not charge a service fee. LendingTree has a variety of products and lets users track their financial growth. The application is an organizational tool that connects to the individual’s bank account and helps them monitor their spending, savings, and bills. LendingTree’s App is free and users can enroll in the basic services without charge. 

In terms of fees, there’s not supposed to be a middleman fee involved in accessing the loans on their website. The lenders who use LendingTree are not allowed to ask for origination fees, but the process of receiving a third-party fee may eventually involve fees as determined by the third party that the consumer chooses. However, the lenders are not allowed to charge origination fees on the LendingTree platform, which is one benefit for potential bank clients. 

LendingTree Complaints at BBB

In the past three years, LendingTree has received 256 complaints. The clients frequently complain about the high volume of calls or emails they receive, billing/ collection practices, and impacts on their credit scores by third-party vendors. Clients typically dislike frequent banking communications and equate it to harassment, specifically when they have requested that the organization stops contacting them.  

While the company has a high level of reported complaints, they have a 100% response rate. Based on LendingTree’s responses, they unsubscribe users and apologize to them. LendingTree will unsubscribe users when they dislike the amount of communication and speaks to the lenders for their clients when they are particularly aggrieved or still receiving contact. For most users, this is enough for them to stop writing negative reviews. 

Reviews on LendingTree at the BBB

LendingTree’s average rating is 1.38/5. People do not like the level of communication and solicitations that they receive after submitting their data to LendingTree. The primary theme is a dislike of the banking offers and the lack of ease in slowing or stopping contact with these businesses. This occurs when clients are put in a database, where many lenders can contact them. 

In general, the most frequent complaint is that clients  receive too much communication from LendingTree on behalf of the lenders who are trying to sell them financial products. The issue here is that a financial company may have a particularly strong sales approach and contact them many times. When more than one company follows up on the leads, clients are often annoyed. This is the most common complaint on the BBB site for LendingTree. 

Is LendingTree BBB Accredited?

Although LendingTree has many unfavorable reviews, it is an accredited business and has an A+ rating. Not all companies within the debt settlement industry are accredited in certain regions based on BBB regional policies. Always check whether the individual company is accredited and verify its rating to avoid scams. When looking up the individual consolidation or settlement company, take the time to review the complaints and ratings to see whether it’s a good company. 

LendingTree has been accredited since 2019, which means that it is currently adhering to the customer complaint resolution process, the requisite state laws, and the standards required for a company to maintain membership. LendingTree has an A+ rating, which means it is considered trustworthy, well-regarded, and in high standing with the BBB. 

LendingTree Yelp Reviews

LendingTree has a Yelp profile where they don’t currently have the highest ratings. The reviews are quite similar to the complaints and reviews on the BBB website. Although people sign up for this company with the intent of speaking to numerous financial companies, it appears that when those companies contact them, they dislike this part of the service and find it perturbing. The clients feel inundated with calls because they do not anticipate the volume of outreach that mortgage companies produce. 

Others feel the company is a scam because they can’t access their rates when submitting the application process. One reviewer reported issues with not being to see the matches themselves and believed the top results were paid promotional deals with specific lenders. Users like this tend to want more autonomy over contacting the bank. In general, people take issue with LendingTree over the level of communication with the banks because they do not have control over how the banks contact them. 

How to Cancel Your LendingTree Debt Consolidation Contract?

This depends on the specific company that the individual has agreed to work with and LendingTree’s FAQ page states that their clients are given the lender’s contact information and must reach out to the client themselves. While the process of cancellation or finding out the lender is not the ideal match is aggravating for some, those looking for debt relief can take comfort in the fact that there are companies out there that might potentially assist them with debt and personal loan help. 

In order to cancel an application for a debt consolidation loan, then the user needs to look at their paperwork and contact the lender. The contact information for the bank that they chose should be in their email, on the application, and is required to be disclosed to the consumer. To stop a loan or cancel the process, clients should reach out directly to the bank. To stop communication from LendingTree itself, then they should inquire with LendingTree. 

Learn More–

Check out more reviews on NoMoreCreditCards to stop falling for bad consumer products, check out the options, and find the best debt consolidation or resolution solution. While the time may have passed to avoid initially falling into debt, it’s possible to curate financial literacy. It is never too late in life to adopt better financial practices. Additionally, it’s important to keep learning about finance and which products to buy throughout the course of one’s life. 

While this document might be about debt consolidation, it’s possible to learn how to avoid future scenarios by learning how to handle the original loans. Some options may include consolidation or settlement agreements. Either way, the best approach is to establish a plan and take it as an opportunity to exercise caution with lenders in the future. In the meantime, it’s always possible to learn more about finance and help others avoid the same pitfalls of the marketplace. 

Disclosure: does its best to provide factual and truthful information aimed at helping the public by giving honest debt relief, settlement, and consolidation reviews. However, please email us at if you believe any of the information in this LendingTree review is inaccurate, and we will make appropriate edits. Always do your research, and do not rely solely on the information provided in this review. We are not responsible for the results of any program you choose to join. Check multiple sources for reviews about LendingTree (e.g., AG office, FTC, BBB, Yelp and Reddit). 


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