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Learn How to Stop Paying Credit Cards Legally

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by | Mar 27, 2023 | Uncategorized

“I stopped paying all my credit cards. Legally, what are my options?” According to Google, these types of questions are getting searched for on Google hundreds of times weekly.

Has financial hardship caused you to stop paying credit cards? Debt relief options exist to help you reduce and eliminate debt. It’s okay to experience financial hardship. It happens to the best of us. But for anyone that says, “Stop paying your credit card debt, and there won’t be any consequences, so just go on with life and stop worrying about it.” – get a second opinion! 

The downside is that consequences can arise from not paying your credit card bills, escalating your financial hardship into a much worse situation. The good news is that there are debt relief options to stop the bleeding and heal your economic pain. The following guide will walk you through the potential consequences of falling behind on credit card payments and the best solutions for you to consider. 

What happens if I stop paying my credit cards?

    1. Your credit score will decrease when you stop paying your credit card bills.
    2. Credit card companies will start adding on late fees each month. As late fees accumulate, you will fall further and further behind – making it harder and harder to get caught up.
    3. After you stop paying your credit card bills, within about 120-180 days on average, the account will get charged off and sold to a third-party debt collection company. (Charging off debt is the original creditor’s strategy to move the balance you owe from an asset to a liability for accounting purposes.
    4. Your creditors will try to scare and harass you into paying by calling you relentlessly and sending letters – leading to embarrassment and stress. Creditors may even use illegal debt collection practices; it happens every day in the United States.
    5. Your credit report illustrates this history – the late and collection marks. 
    6. Your credit score will continue to decrease until the debt is resolved or removed from your credit report.
    7. Debt collection companies can continue to sell your debt repeatedly until, eventually, the debt expires through the statute of limitations in your state.
    8. The original creditor or debt collection company could issue you a credit card summons, where you would be required to appear in court. Don’t skip court. Credit card companies gamble on you skipping court because they win by “default judgment.” More than 90% of credit card lawsuits are flawed and inaccurate, so you can get it dismissed just by attending court.


If you can’t afford to pay your credit card payments, here are credit card relief programs that have proven to work.

Learn How to Legally Clear Your Credit Card Debt Without Paying–Call 877-332-8007

Best case scenario when you stop paying your credit card bills?

The debt collection company harasses you for a while and then gives up trying to collect on the debt.

If they don’t believe you have a job or income, the debt collection company may cease collection activity for a while. Don’t get fooled, though; they will be back!

After seven years in most states, the statute of limitations will be reached, and the debt will no longer be legally collectible — and will fall off a person’s credit report. Rarely do consumers get this lucky. 

Source: NOLO,

Worst case scenario when you stop paying your credit card payments?

When you stop paying your credit card bills, creditors can issue a credit card summons to take you to court. If you skip court, a default judgment can be issued. In addition, your wages could eventually get garnished. 

Judgments on your credit report are one of the most damaging items to have on your credit report. Judgments can prevent you from qualifying for all types of loans and credit purchases in the future. 

What options do I have if I can’t pay my credit card bills? There is good news!

You can contact a debt relief company to assist you with resolving unpaid credit card debts. Debt consolidation and settlement programs are both available. For a complete run-down of your options, visit our credit card relief program page next. 

Click here to compare the twenty best debt relief companies for 2023.

And we can give you accurate debt relief program information. We are not a biased company that only offers one program. At Golden Financial Services, you can learn about all of your options. Call 877-332-8007. Our debt experts across the nation are available to assist you — right now.

You can find other reputable companies at or visit the Department of Justice’s website for a non-profit consumer credit counseling company that is always a safe option. 

Can you ask for your credit card debt to be forgiven?

If you’re struggling to pay delinquent credit card bills, you may be able to negotiate with your credit card company to have some of your debt forgiven or settled for a lower amount. You can try contacting your credit card company and explaining your financial situation and see if they have any programs or options to help you. Alternatively, you could work with a credit counseling agency or a debt settlement company to help you negotiate with your creditors. However, it’s essential to remember that debt forgiveness or settlement may impact your credit score and future ability to obtain credit. So, it’s vital to consider your options and seek professional advice if necessary carefully.

Read Reputable Debt Relief, Settlement, and Consolidation Company Reviews 

Have you already stopped paying credit cards? Legally, debt relief programs can either reduce and settle the debt, consolidate them with a loan, or help you get caught up and current on monthly payments. 

If you are only a month or two behind, consumer credit counseling programs can allow you to get caught up on payments. The company will set you up with a single monthly payment, and they will then disburse payments to each of your creditors but at a lower interest rate. 

Debt settlement services can reduce your balances to a fraction of what’s owed, making your credit card balances affordable to pay off. This type of program also includes a single monthly payment.

Debt consolidation loans are probably not an option for you — if you stopped paying your credit card bills. Debt consolidation loans are used to pay off high-interest credit debts, replacing them with a low-interest loan. However, low-interest loans can only be obtained with a high credit score, which you don’t have after falling behind on payments. 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the fastest way to eliminate credit card debt for someone with a financial hardship. However, you only want to use chapter 7 bankruptcy as a last resort because it’s very difficult to rebuild your credit score after filing. That said, if you can’t afford consumer credit counseling or debt settlement, you may qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy and if you do, these debts and even credit card lawsuits could be wiped away in under six months. If bankruptcy is an option you’re most interested in we recommend you find a highly rated bankruptcy attorney near you for a free consultation.

Check out the top twenty debt relief, settlement and consolidation companies for 2023 to help you figure how to deal with credit cards that you had to stop paying.


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