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Rescue One Financial Reviews 2023

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Rescue One Financial Reviews and complaints

Credit card debt is often a fact of life. At, our goal is to help our readers understand all their options when it comes to credit card debt relief. Rescue One Financial reviews, complaints, and ratings from all across the internet were analyzed by our debt experts and compared to other companies in the industry. In the following review, we’ll share the insights gathered to help you better understand what this company offers and determine if it’s the right plan to get you out of debt. We recommend that you check out more than one company’s reviews. Other great companies in this industry include Beyond Finance, CreditAssociates, and Tally Debt Consolidation options. Below, we’ll also provide top-rated choices for debt settlement, consumer credit counseling and debt consolidation lenders.

In addition, to help you evaluate Rescue One Financial’s debt settlement program, we researched and gathered information: certifications and accreditations, details about costs and fees, pros and cons to consider, and frequently asked questions about debt relief. Additionally, we share ratings and reviews about overall customer satisfaction that our team at uncovered while doing extensive research about the company. We only use reputable sites, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, and Consumer Affairs.

About Rescue One Financial:


Industry: Debt Relief, Debt Settlement, Debt Management, Consumer Credit Counseling

Address: 16842 Von Karman Ave Ste 300A Irvine, CA 92606-4950

Phone: 1-855-737-2831

Licensed in all 50 states

Certifications and Accreditations: BBB Accredited Business (A+), American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) 

What is Rescue One Financial?

Rescue One Financial aims to help those with significant debt and financial hardship by providing debt management (consumer credit counseling) and debt relief solutions. They can negotiate your debt with creditors and collection agencies on your behalf. Their performance-based debt settlement program means they will not charge any upfront fees, but they will take a fee out of the payments you make monthly.

Rescue One Financial employs licensed financial advisors; the advisor will negotiate with collection agencies and creditors to help you consolidate your debt into one monthly payment, and ultimately, to pay off a reduced amount of debt in agreement with all parties involved.

How Does Rescue One Financial Work?

The process involves three steps:

Step 1: Similar to other debt management companies, after you submit your information on their website, a Rescue One Financial sales team member will reach out to you to schedule a free consultation to determine if you qualify for debt settlement. Your personal situation will be taken into account, including your current income, the number of credit card accounts and loans you have, the financial hardships you are facing, and the total amount of your current minimum monthly payments. The initial consultation will help discover if there is a way to negotiate with your creditors and any collection agencies that your account has been sent to.

Step 2: If you qualify for their program, Rescue One Financial will create a payment plan for you, with one monthly payment that you can afford. That payment can be taken out of each paycheck, or as a one-time automatic payment each month. This monthly payment will go into an account, called a special-purpose savings account, with Rescue One Financial. 

Step 3: When the savings account reaches a threshold where a lump-sum payment can be made to a creditor or collection agency, a payout is made that covers the agreed-upon debt amount and eliminates that account from your overall debt. Over the length of the program, your debt will gradually be reduced, and your accounts will be marked in good standing on your credit report. 

Like all credit relief programs, your credit score will take a dip in the beginning, as you are signaling to creditors that you are unable to make payments in full. 

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Can You Still Use Your Credit Cards While Enrolled in Debt Management? 

No. The goal of debt settlement is to stop using your credit cards. You will be asked to stop making payments to creditors, stop communicating with creditors and cease using the lines of credit, loans, or credit cards that you seek to have negotiated. 

How Quickly Can You Pay Off Your Bills with Rescue One Financial? 

Their average debt resolution program lasts 2 to 4 years. However, the length of time it will take you to complete the program depends on your personal circumstances and your ability to continue making the monthly payments. If you feel you can afford it, you have the option of making additional payments, which will reduce the total time of the debt settlement program while accelerating your ability to increase your credit score.

What is the Difference Between Debt Management and Debt Settlement? 

In a debt management plan, you work with a financial consultant to pay off the amount you owe, without having to negotiate a reduced rate with your creditors. The consultant will review your finances and determine what you can pay monthly, and what monthly costs and subscriptions you can eliminate. The goal is to eliminate all debts typically within 3 to 5 years. The total amount you will pay to your credit card companies is less than it would have been had you addressed it on your own because you are saving on interest that accumulates over time by making larger monthly payments. 

In debt settlement, Rescue One Financial will request credit card companies and debt collectors to forgive a portion of your debt in exchange for a lump sum payment. This payment is typically made when monthly deposits have accumulated in the special purpose account to cover the lump sum amount requested by the creditor.

What Types of Accounts Qualify for Rescue One Financial?

  • Credit cards
  • Medical bills
  • Personal loans
  • Unsecured loans (loans provided without a lien on personal property or collateral, such as a vehicle or a home mortgage)
  • Third-party collection accounts

Note: Rescue One Financial does not operate in the housing sector or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice, or credit repair services.

What are the Minimum Credit Score Requirements for Rescue One Financial’s Services? 

During our research, we were unable to locate a minimum credit score requirement for Rescue One Financial’s services. This is typical with most debt management and settlement companies, as each individual’s situation is unique. 

What are the Debtor Qualification Requirements for Rescue One Financial? 

Specific requirements for Rescue One Financial’s programs were not immediately available on their website or business listing websites. However, debtors must have at least one credit account or unsecured loan in default or at risk of collection in order to discuss debt settlement options. Other examples of financial hardships include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reduction or loss of income
  • A sudden increase in expenses including unexpected accidents and property damage
  • Medical conditions and bills
  • Divorce and legal fees
  • Increased interest rates on monthly payments
  • Automobile accidents not covered by insurance

Is Rescue One Financial Debt Relief and Debt Management Legitimate?

Yes. Rescue One Financial appears to be a legitimate company in business since 2007. Their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile, features an A+ rating, and a review score of 4.93/5 out of 447 total reviews. 

Reviews of Rescue One Financial paint a picture of an excellent customer experience and employees are happy in their work environment and with the tasks of their daily jobs. Reviews of the working environment for a company’s employees are often an indication of its business practices. From their 19 reviews on Glassdoor, it appears that employees generally enjoy working for Rescue One Financial, with a 3.6/5 score being slightly above average for the platform. 

The one complaint listed on BBB appears to be fraudulent, as Rescue One Financial immediately responded with details of the account associated with the complaint. On Trustpilot, Rescue One Financial has 720 reviews, with a score of 4.9/5. Some financial advisors are called out by name on Trustpilot for their stellar customer service and comprehensive understanding of each customer’s unique financial situation.

Is Rescue One Financial Licensed?

Rescue One Financial’s Better Business Bureau main office listing shows “All State Licenses and Bonds.” No listing of each state’s licensing is available.

Will Rescue One Financial Debt Resolution Hurt My Credit Score?

Yes–at first. Most debt settlement or debt resolution programs will initially harm your credit score, which will take a dip because you are letting collections agencies and legal entities know that you cannot make payments. However, as you continue to make your monthly payments to Rescue One Financial, they will slowly pay off your debts with your creditors, which will increase your credit score over time. 

Rescue One Financial Debt Relief Program Pros

  • Free debt relief consultation, assessment, and quote
  • No upfront fees
  • One fixed monthly payment
  • Over 15 years in operation
  • Ongoing relationships with a large majority of the nation’s largest credit institutions
  • No limit to debt accounts enrolled as long as the collector agrees to the settlement
  • Flexible monthly payment options, catered to your finances and income
  • End collection phone calls
  • Flexible program terms between 24-48 months
  • An experienced team to negotiate settlements
  • A+ BBB rating
  • American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) 

Rescue One Financial Debt Relief Program Cons

  • Credit scores can decline
  •  Late payment credit marks and collections accounts remain on your credit for up to 7 years
  • Late fees and collection costs can increase your account balance
  • Unpaid monthly debt settlement fees leave the debtor vulnerable to lawsuits
  • Attorney appointment and protection must be handled by the debtor
  • Additional tax requirements are possible in a settlement

Bottom Line

Rescue One Financial, LLC is a legitimate company, with over 15 years in operation. Reviews show high customer and employee satisfaction. Ultimately, you are paying Rescue One Financial a total interest fee to help you navigate your debt, but you are still paying less than if you made only minimum payments on your credit debt.

Remember, before reaching out to any debt management or debt settlement company, conduct your own research to compare rates and services. Check on the legitimacy of a business by visiting governing and regulatory sites, and be prepared with a series of questions to ask the business prior to signing any paperwork.


How is debt settlement different from debt consolidation?

Debt settlement: Debt settlement or debt relief uses an account similar to a savings account, called a special-purpose savings account. Each month you deposit a set amount of money into this account. When the savings account reaches a certain amount, a lump-sum payment is made to a creditor or collection agency that covers the agreed-upon debt amount, and that account is eliminated from your overall debt. In this way, a debt relief program guides you through severe credit debt, helping you recover your credit score in the long run while also getting you out from under present financial circumstances.

Debt Consolidation: Debt consolidation loans are personal loan, and another option to pay off credit card debt. With a debt consolidation loan, you use the funds to pay off all your outstanding credit card bills. Then, you arrange a monthly repayment schedule with the lender to pay back the loan. APR, repayment terms, and other expenses associated with the process will be determined by the lender you partnered with. While debt consolidation loans can help solve financial problems, some people may regard them as an extreme option.

Disclosure: does its best to provide factual and truthful information aimed at helping the public by giving honest debt relief, settlement, and consolidation reviews. Please contact us at if you believe any of the information on this page is inaccurate. Always do your research, and do not rely solely on the information provided in this review. We are not responsible for the results of any program you choose to join. Check multiple sources for reviews about Rescue One Financial, including your state’s AG office, FTC, and BBB. Reviews about Rescue One Financial on Yelp and Reddit may also be helpful.

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