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Golden Financial Services (GFS)

At GFS, we specialize in Credit Card Debt Relief. 

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We strive to inform and educate consumers.  Our method teaches consumers how to make smart financial choices.

We understand that financial stress just happens to be a part of life.

If you are in a financial bind, it is imperative for you to take the necessary steps to improve your financial health.  We can help.

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Credit Card Debt Relief Programs that are A+ Rated!

Do you have too many bills?  We specialize in Debt Relief Programs and we can definitely help!

Research and Statistics Show

  • In the United States, more than 600 million credit cards are in use.
  • The average APR on a credit card is higher than 12%.  This does not include accounts that have a zero dollar balance.
  • Total United States consumer debt is higher than $11.30 trillion dollars.
  • The total credit card debt in this country is equal to more than 849 billion dollars.
  • The total student loan debt in this country is equal to more than 900 billion dollars.

These staggering figures are the motivational factors behind our drive here at Golden Financial Services.

Unsecured + Credit Card Debt Relief Options

Stay current on your bills, but pay off your accounts faster and pay less interest.  Learn more about this option here.

Debt negotiation or settlement is another alternative for consumers to examine.  This route could significantly reduce your total balances owed.

Consumer credit counseling or consolidation plans can lower your interest rates, lower your overall monthly payments, and get you out of debt faster.

Bankruptcy can be the hardest option from which to recover.  Therefore, filing for bankruptcy should be a person’s last option.  Read more on bankruptcy here.

Debt Settlement or Negotiation

Credit Card Debt Relief Programs

Settlement Services

Golden Financial Services, along with our partner attorneys, provide a powerful debt negotiation program for consumers to utilize.  For a person to consider this option, he or she must have a high level of unsecured bills and a serious hardship.

A hardship situation includes having a significant reduction in a person’s income, a medical condition or disability, unexpected job changes, unexpected household expenses, addiction, divorce or having unmanageable bills.

Consumer Credit Counseling

At Golden Financial Services, we have aligned ourselves with non profit “A+” BBB rated consumer credit counseling companies. 

If this option is one that you qualify for, we can match you with one of the best consumer credit counseling companies in America at no cost to you.

Top Pages and Tools on this Website

As a financial services company, we are constantly researching new information.  To follow our latest findings and to stay in touch with our research, we advise you to visit our blog on a monthly basis.

Are you looking to build good credit or increase your credit score?  This page will assist you with building a high credit score.

Learn more about debt negotiation or settlement here if you have a hardship and overwhelming bills.

Have you ever tried a debt calculator?  If you are attempting to pay off your bills on your own, then you should definitely utilize this type of tool. Try our Credit Card Debt Relief Program and Minimum Payment ALL-IN-ONE Debt Calculator.

Credit Card Debt Relief FAQs

Visit our FAQs Page.

We definitely recommend that you visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.  These are real questions that people typed in on Google, before landing on our site.

We even share tips and proprietary information pertaining to teaching people how to settle debt on their own.  That is what we are experts at.  We understand that not everyone will join our programs.  We choose to help those people, rather than see them attempt to settle debt on their own, not being prepared.

Here are a few more tips on settling debt on your own.

Check out this video and download the summary that we created, on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Understand your debt collection rights!

Have you completed a budget analysis for this month? Try this Budget Tool. It is a budget analysis tool that creates a visual, allowing you to see exactly where all your money is going.

Do you have children?  This post will teach you how to raise your child to respect money, and not be spoiled. (5 awesome resources included)

Here is a fun post that we did during our series on “children and money”. Even though our focus as a company is on credit card debt relief, we still know how to have fun!  Check this out!

Kids and Money: Teenagers Guide to Becoming a Millionaire by @payoffcarddebt from Golden Financial Services


Information Collected on This Website

The information on this website has been collected by Golden Financial Services, non-profit consumer credit counseling companies and attorneys that have more than 10 years of experience.

Consumer information provided to this website will not be sold and will only go to Golden Financial Services offices. 

Golden Financial Services provides consumers with free consultations. 

Consumers can then be matched with only non-profit consumer credit counseling companies, attorneys that are in good standing with their state bar or enrolled onto the Golden Financial Services debt settlement program depending on each individual’s situation.

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Learn About Paul Paquin – CEO & President at Golden Financial Services:

Paul Paquin started Golden Financial Services in 2004. Paul came from a Finance Background after studying at New York University and attending the University of Oklahoma. Prior to Golden Financial Services Paul worked with industry leading Guro George Kokinos who owned one of the first Non-Profit Consumer Credit Counseling Companies. Paul managed George’s company with over 200 employees for many years and obtained an experience of a lifetime, becoming a master in the debt relief industry prior to starting Golden Financial Services in 2004. Paul’s leading techniques allow Golden Financial Services to have a flawless debt relief program infrastructure and the company practically has no customer complaints which is unheard of. PAUL PAQUIN is the CEO and President at Golden Financial Services, a national debt relief company that offers an array of debt relief programs. Golden Financial Services studies debt and credit related laws, offers free financial education and debt relief information online. The company provides debt relief program information and assists on enrolling consumers into the appropriate debt relief program based on each individuals unique circumstances. Paul Paquin speaks in various online videos and writes on different reputable financial and debt related blogs including Boston.com, where he shares his findings and expertise. Paul’s company has been amongst the top companies positioned on Google for Credit Card Relief Programs, San Diego Debt Relief and many more popular and competitive phrases! Golden Financial Services has an A+ BBB Rating and great reviews at Yelp. Paquin states “our overall objective is to enhance people’s lifestyles by improving their financial health”.  Paquin went to school at Oklahoma University and then transferred over to New York University where he focussed on finance and business.