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National Debt Relief & Credit Card Relief Options Available for 2016

By understanding all of your debt relief options, you are empowering yourself with the necessary knowledge to resolve your debt issues in the most effective manner or to enroll into the right credit card hardship program. In 2016, student loan debt has reached an all-time-high! Take a look!

student loan debt statistics for 2016

Student Loan Debt is at an all-time-high in 2016. Help is Available at Golden Financial Services.

According to a Federal Reserve analysis, the average credit card debt in US households stands at $15,609. It has been confirmed that credit card debt is the third biggest source of household debt.

So what debt relief options do I have?

The debt specialist’s at Golden Financial specialize in student loan, unsecured and credit card debt relief. Since 2004, the company has been assisting consumers with their overwhelming unsecured debt issues. Today Golden Financial Services has a range of effective credit card debt programs and student loan relief options to assist you with resolving your debt problems. Get a free consultation by calling 866-376-9846 and learn the best debt relief option for your situation!

What is debt settlement at Golden Financial Services?

Our debt settlement negotiators will contact your creditors and negotiate your balance down to a significant amount less than owed. As a client, you will only have one single and affordable monthly payment. When there is sufficient money accumulated in your trust account, one creditor at a time is settled and paid off, until you are debt-free. On average, it takes around 3-years to graduate from the program.

Get a free debt settlement quote by clicking here and learn all about debt settlement including the upside and downside. 

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What is Consumer Credit Counseling?

With consumer credit counseling as your credit card debt relief program all of your credit cards are managed within one payment. A consumer credit counseling program will lower your interest rates on each account and then consolidate your payment into one. The consumer credit counseling company then distributes your payments each and every month to the credit card companies, unlike with debt settlement where the creditors are paid in one-lump-payment and not on a monthly basis. This type of program can have you debt-free in around 4.5-years, on average.

Learn more about consumer credit counseling by visiting this page next.

Other debt relief options include:

Was your account sold to a third-party debt collection company and inaccurate negative marks are now reporting on your credit? Learn more about debt validation and credit restoration.

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Golden Financial Services
Client saved $4,800 on the Golden Financial Services debt settlement program and avoided having to file for bankruptcy.
Debt Settlement Services
Written by: Jerry A. Saved $4,500
Date Published: 10/07/2013
Golden Financial Services took my stress away and helped me to stay out of bankruptcy… Thank you Golden! To see more Golden Financial Services real testimonials visit here.
5 / 5 stars

Earl Carlson
This consumer used debt settlement services to reduce credit card debt.
Reduced Credit Cards with Settlement Services
Written by: Saved $8,290 Earl Carlson
Date Published: 04/10/2013
“I was close to retirement when I got into a really bad investment…. It took about 22 months for me to complete the program and now I’ve achieved my goal of becoming DEBT FREE! It wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it!”
4.5 / 5 stars

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