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What is a Debt Settlement Attorney Program? This is one of the most effective debt relief programs available today. This type of program is designed to resolve unsecured debt.

  • You could be debt-free in three-years or less after getting approved on this type of plan. One by one your creditors will be settled and paid off. In the beginning of the program the law firm will contact all of your creditors, informing them that the law firm is now representing you.
  • Golden Financial Services can set you up on a debt settlement program with legal protection included. You will be represented by a reputable attorney in your state. There are performance fees included on this type of program, but they are only earned by the law firm each time your debt gets resolved, ensuring that you get results! You could pay much less than the total balance owed on each of your accounts with debt settlement services.

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Golden Financial Services will set you up with a debt relief attorney that provides you with FDCPA Protection. Basically if your creditors violate your consumer rights under this federal law and other laws, your attorney will use the violations as leverage to save you additional money, and at times even get your debt dismissed entirely. Learn more about this type of attorney debt settlement program with FDCPA Protection Included and see if it's the right option for you.

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Will This Program Lower My Credit Score?

How Does the Program Work?

With a settlement program consumers can have their unsecured accounts negotiated down to where they end up paying back a significant amount less than owed. Keep in mind that debt collectors will often pay only around 10-20 cents on the dollar when purchasing accounts from your original creditors. This is part of the reason why a debt settlement company and attorney can solidify such a large discount when settling debt.

Qualification Guidelines

  • The most common type of accounts that qualify on this type of program include credit card bills, medical bills, unsecured personal loans and collection accounts.
  • Consumers must have over $7,500 worth of unsecured bills and a hardship.

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Why do I need an Attorney for Debt Settlement?

  • Adding an attorney to a settlement program can often be a key ingredient that ensures success for our clients. Creditors don’t always play fair and will not always abide by the law.
  • An attorney is not always needed for our clients to be successful. However we don’t want to take any chances with our clients and their financial well-being.
  • Debt attorneys will act on behalf of our clients, providing them with the attorney defense and full legal protection that could be needed while on the program.
  • We don’t want anything standing in the way of our clients successfully graduating on the program.

Is Golden Financial Services a law firm?

Golden Financial Services is not a law firm. We provide marketing services for reputable debt relief attorneys and law firms all over the United States. Golden Financial Services can assist you with finding the best debt relief & settlement attorney in your state in order to resolve your unsecured debt.

Why not just hire an attorney direct, rather than going through Golden Financial Services?

  • Here at Golden Financial Services we specialize in settlement services. We have been focusing on debt negotiation since 2004. All of our management team and negotiators at the firm have extensive knowledge in the industry and have superior negotiating skills.
  • Attorneys practice law, not negotiating with creditors. That is our skill.
  • If a consumer went direct to an attorney, hourly fees would end up costing a consumer more money than what it would cost them on our program.
  • We have more leverage than an attorney would have. We are a nationwide corporation that assists consumers in 46 states. Therefore we have thousands of client’s worth of accounts to work with at a given time. We use the bulk settlement approach where our negotiators will bulk together sometimes a million dollars’ worth of our clients’ accounts, then negotiating based on that large dollar amount. This gives us more leverage than an attorney would have where we can solidify larger discounts with the creditors for our clients.

We do work with the best attorneys in America and our clients have the luxury of having a licensed attorney in their state represent them while on the program.

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