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9 Easy Steps To Improve Your Credit Score (by 100 Points)

Before we get started, it is important for you to know who the source of this information is. Golden Financial Services has been in business and specializing in debt relief and credit repair since 2004. My name is Paul Paquin. I am the CEO at Golden Financial Services, and I look forward to hopefully helping you to […]

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Beware the Debt Consolidation Scam (See Email!)

Beware of a debt consolidation loan scam – here are the details: Two months ago, one of our clients at Golden Financial Services told us they received an email from someone offering them a loan. Since that day, 9 other victims popped up. And a few of them forwarded us the email from the debt […]

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Pay off Credit Card Debt in…. Google is thinking….

According to Google’s Keyword Estimator Tool, over 1.2-million consumers are frantically searching online, every-single-month, for phrases related to — “how to pay off credit card debt”. The good news for people — is that there are a handful of ways to pay off credit card debt fast, and we are about to dive into them. […]

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Low Interest Debt Consolidation Loan to Payoff Debt in 2017

TODAY’S SITUATION: Mike Burnosky called into Golden Financial Services for help with his credit card debt. Mike has $29,000 in debt and his interest rates are around 29%. He does not want to ruin his credit but at the same time he is wanting to get a lower interest rate so that he can get out […]

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Does Debt Consolidation Hurt Your Credit?

Good & Bad Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan Information for 2017 This page explains debt consolidation loans in 2017. At the end of this post, you can try the free debt calculator tool to see all of your debt relief options in one image. Does credit card debt consolidation hurt your credit?  The Answer– is […]

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What is the quickest method to get out of debt?

“What is the quickest method to get out of debt?” This question was discovered in Quora and captured a ton of attention. Some really great answers were given. Below you can see the top answers from industry experts and financial guru’s, expressing expert advice on how to get out of debt quickly. Let’s get started. […]

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What About Using Your 401(k) to Pay Off Debt?

Let’s face it; we’ve all made our share of money mistakes. And, part of maturing financially is being willing to face those blunders and learn how to correct them. Maybe that’s where you’re at. You’re ready to change. You’ve reached a point where you really need to pay down your debt, but you feel like […]

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Debt Validation Program Guide – You may not have to pay the debt

What is debt validation? Debt validation is a consumer’s legal right to dispute or challenge a debt. When the debt collection agency is not able to prove that they have legal authority to collect on a particular debt – the debt becomes legally uncollectible. Take a look at this first example, of what a debt collection company sent […]

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How to become a millionaire as a kid

INSIDE THE SLIDES BELOW YOU WILL FIND THE STORIES BEHIND THE WORLD’S YOUNGEST MILLIONAIRES. ON THE LAST SLIDE YOU WILL FIND THE TOP BUSINESS IDEAS FOR TEENS (BONUS!) There’s no magical formula for kids to follow to become a millionaire. It takes creativeness and hard work.  Be thorough and patient in the investigation and preparation […]

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Learn How to Stop Paying Credit Cards Legally

What happens if I stop paying my credit cards? 1. When you stop paying your credit card bills, your credit score will go down. 2. Credit card companies will start adding on late fees each month. As late fees accumulate, it becomes harder and harder to get caught up on payments. 3. After you stop […]

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