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Debt Validation Program Guide – You may not have to pay the debt

What is debt validation? Debt validation is a consumer’s legal right to dispute or challenge a debt. When the debt collection agency is not able to prove that they have legal authority to collect on a particular debt – the debt becomes legally uncollectible. Take a look at this first example, of what a debt collection company sent […]

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How to become a millionaire as a kid

INSIDE THE SLIDES BELOW YOU WILL FIND THE STORIES BEHIND THE WORLD’S YOUNGEST MILLIONAIRES. ON THE LAST SLIDE YOU WILL FIND THE TOP BUSINESS IDEAS FOR TEENS (BONUS!) There’s no magical formula for kids to follow to become a millionaire. It takes creativeness and hard work.  Be thorough and patient in the investigation and preparation […]

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Learn How to Stop Paying Credit Cards Legally

What happens if I stop paying my credit cards? 1. When you stop paying your credit card bills, your credit score will go down. 2. Credit card companies will start adding on late fees each month. As late fees accumulate, it becomes harder and harder to get caught up on payments. 3. After you stop […]

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5 Smart Ideas to Get Off the Debt Train in 2017

  Times are hard and it seems there is no reprieve any time soon. Most Americans are struggling with debt and in fact a recent study by GOBankingRates shows debt is the number one cause of financial stress in the country. According to the Federal Reserve, consumer debt is now over $4.0 trillion, an average […]

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FDCPA Quick Summary & Learn how to dispute debt

  The Golden Financial Services summary of the FDCPA was created to make it easy for folks to learn about this Act and FIGHT BACK against abusive debt collectors.  People should know when their legal rights are violated, not being blindsided by predatory lenders and debt collectors pursuing them illegally. Print the slides out, and put […]

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How to get rid of credit card debt legally?

Can’t Pay Your Credit Card Bills? This summary of credit card debt relief programs is the best guide on the internet, unbiased and complete. Included in this guide, you can find the most frequently asked questions related to legally paying off credit card debt, paying less than the full balance owed, and using the right […]

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DON’T Save Money For Your Kids; IF…

Kids in 2017 need to be raised in a world that constantly shoves financial education into their young brains. If anything happened to you as a parent, don’t you want to know that your kids will responsibly use the money you left them and be financially stable in their older years?  It’s very easy to […]

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9 Tips to Increase Your Credit Score in 2017

Nine Tips on How to Increase Your Credit Score — in 2017 1.  Increase credit limits when you can Why increase your credit limits?  The idea is to raise your credit limits while keeping your balances low — improving your credit utilization ratio. (30% of your FICO score derives from your credit utilization ratio) Your […]

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Credit Card Programs in 2017 – DON’T GET SCAMMED — READ THIS FIRST

Author: Marielena Ortiz – Debt Advisor  Credit card relief services can be life-saving. With the stigma and stress that comes with high debt, debt can be detrimental to a person’s health and financial well-being. Mentally, debt can break a person’s positive spirits, causing a downward spiral of bad financial choices. A person’s financial situation does […]

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Private Student Loan Debt Relief Guide

Private Student Loan Debt in 2017 & Shocking Facts! The complex nature of private student loan debts — makes it difficult for the debt collection companies to prove their validity and verify these debts as “legally collectible” debts. If a debt is not “legally collectible” — it’s “legally uncollectible.”  A “legally uncollectible” debt — is one […]

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