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May 17, 2014

What is Bankruptcy? Awesome Infographic!

bankruptcy debt relief


At Golden Financial Services we recommend that consumers stay far away from bankruptcy.  However, if you don’t qualify for any other debt relief program then bankruptcy may be your only debt relief option.  If you know someone who needs bankruptcy, then hopefully this bankruptcy image will answer all of  their bankruptcy related questions.

What is bankruptcy?

How does bankruptcy work?

What is a bankruptcy trustee?

Should I file bankruptcy?

What states have the highest number of bankruptcies?

What debts can be included with bankruptcy?

What is the difference in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

All of the answers to these questions are included in the image above.

 Want to see another really cool debt relief image?  Take a look at this Superhero “Payoff Credit Card Debt Guide”. 

Also, you can cruise around in our debt relief blog and find lots of neat creations that provide financial education, free financial tools and debt relief insight. 




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