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August 20, 2016

Teaching Kids About Money – 12 Tips from the Experts

Kids and Money - Guide for 2016

Teaching Children About Money, at Golden Financial Services 

“Dear Golden Financial Services,
I want to help my children learn about money. How should I go about doing that and what is an appropriate age to begin?


No Spoiled Kids in THIS House!”

Dear No Spoiled Kids,

Well done on your desire to raise fiscally responsible children. Properly managing money is an important life skill and you will find opportunities to teach your children about money from an early age. Since we have been in business, Golden Financial Services has helped thousand’s of Americans get out of debt. When consumers come to us, most of them have no idea how they accumulated so much debt or how to resolve it.

It is important to teach budgeting and money management to our children so they can practice responsible spending and saving money before they get themselves in over their head. The earlier you start talking to them about managing finances the more likely they are to make healthy financial choices as a teen, and beyond when they are no longer interested in your input.

Tip One:
Teach your kids not to waste money.

Shortly after my children found out that I pay every time they turn a light on, they also learned a lot about wasting money when I charged them a quarter for leaving lights on after they left a room.

Tip Two:
Teach your kids to budget.

Teaching children to budget is a valuable lesson in goal and priority setting. When they figure out how many lawns they need to rake to buy that action figure or doll, they may be more inclined to save up for something else they could get more enjoyment out of it.

Kids and work/jobs

Give your kids a job to prepare them for the world.

Tip Three:
Give your kids an allowance, teach them about having a job and chores.

Assigning a dollar amount to specific tasks rather than giving a flat rate allowance is helpful. In our home, I don’t give my children an allowance for necessary chores such as cleaning their room. My wife and I feel these self-care activities and cleaning up after oneself are their contribution to the family. However, there are chores that we assign a dollar value to, such as feeding the pets, cleaning cages, doing dishes, etc.

Also, we would have bonus tasks. Those were usually the ones nobody wanted to do like cleaning the bathroom or picking weeds. We would assign a higher dollar amount to those as an incentive.

If our daughter cleans her room and then cleans the bathroom, she gets $5 to buy a toy at Walmart, her favorite store. This small taste of having a real job teaches her work ethic and allows her to understand that to buy toys a person must work.
Read more at https://nomorecreditcards.com/teaching-kids-about-money-bonus-5-awesome-resources-for-you-and-your-kids/#dQVk1CxSm1Tu5Tyj.99

Tip Four:
Teach your kids to SAVE MONEY!

Get your kids an electric piggy bank as seen here:


My daughter Angelia has a piggy bank. The piggy bank is an electronic one that calculates how much money has gone in. If you deposit 2 pennies, it shows 2 cents saved. When we find change around the house, it’s entertaining for Angelia to take the change and deposit it into her piggy bank so that she can try to hit her second milestone of saving $150. Saving and earning money is now fun for Angelia, along with being educational.

Additionally, she respects money, when she finds a penny, that penny is going right into her piggy bank, she knows that every dollar counts!

It is also important to educate children on how to save for the long term, like for a car when they turn 16 and college, and not just short term purchases. By opening a Children’s Education Account, together you can watch the money and interest grow over the years, as we will discuss more of in tip number seven.

Tip Five:
Teach your kids the benefits of strong work ethic at a young age.


When my daughter goes to karate class, she loves it.

Occasionally, she gets tired. I instill in her that when she starts feeling tired, now is the time to pick up the pace, while others will back off. Hard work leads to you being the best that you can be, and make the most of whatever you are trying to achieve.

When I was young, my parents never explained to me, the connection between sports and eventually having a real job. Apparently, they assumed the two would eventually connect, which they did, but again if I were told this at young age things would have clicked faster and been much easier for me during the transitional stage from kid to young adult.

Tip Six:
Set the right example for your children.

For children of any age, you should make finance a part of their daily lives. Talk about being in control of your money and show them how to save for purchases, such as a toy or books. Include them in the bill paying process, show them where the family money goes, how much things cost, and that electricity is not free.

Turn the lights and TV off when you leave a room. Don’t overspend. Don’t rack up high credit card debt. Don’t let money control your happiness. Don’t argue with your spouse over money in front of the kids. The list goes on!

Tip Seven:
With your child, open a savings account that earns interest.

Between the ages of 6-13 years, is a superb time to teach your kids about the benefits of a savings account. Explain to your child that the bank will PAY YOU interest on money you deposit with them, it’s that easy. The key is to find the account that pays you the highest amount. The reason banks do this is that they need your money to loan money to other people.
Go to the bank together, and open up the account. Answer any questions that your child may ask. Over time, as money goes into the account (weekly or monthly), watch the balance grow. Or you can open an account up online at a place like Vanguard or Merrill Lynch where they have investment options. Make sure whatever account you open, earns high interest. I have seen many Children Education Accounts that make 12%.

Great investment for your kids

An account like this can make 12%, what a great investment for your kids!

Easy game to illustrate interest:

Have your child hand you 90-cents. In exchange, give them a dollar. Now tell your child, “wow great investment. You just received a 10% return on investment (ROI).  In exchange for your 90-cents, I gave you 100-cents (1-dollar) back.”

Tip Eight:
Teach your kids about credit cards and interest.

An introduction to using credit cards, what interest means (continuation from step seven), and how much it costs to make a purchase before they can afford it.

Teaching children financial responsibility at a young age is helpful to prepare them for a time when they are making money, perhaps from their first job and have financial obligations.

Read more at https://nomorecreditcards.com/teaching-kids-about-money-bonus-5-awesome-resources-for-you-and-your-kids/#dQVk1CxSm1Tu5Tyj.99

Tip Nine:
Teach your kids about shopping smart.

Children can learn to compare prices at the store to get the best deal for their money, as well as how to make decisions as to what to spend their money on.

When mommy goes shopping, she uses coupons and explains to our daughter; this is how we can lower our grocery bill and save money for you in your savings account.

Tip Ten:
Teach your kids about self-control.

If it’s time to get a toy, kids will quickly buy ten toys if their parents allow it, but if you explain that they can only buy one toy due to there only being ($x-amount-available), this will teach them to be careful with their financial choices.

Tip Eleven: 

Teach your kids to give!

Like with any successful business owner, giving to charities is part of their success. Teach your children how some families are poor, and kids cannot even afford to eat. Make the world a better place by teaching your children at a young age, to give.
Also, you may want to teach your children about philanthropy, like tithing at church and donating to causes that your family believes in.

Tip Twelve:
Teach your kids about the relationship between sports and work.

Should I encourage my child to work at a young age, or put them in sports?

Kids should have a job, even at the age of five years old. Parents should explain over and over again the connection between sports and real life jobs.
Excelling in sports, while also working a job at a young age, is the best combination for your kids to experience.
I was only involved with sports as a kid. I never worked a day in my life. I excelled in sports, and my parents bought me pretty much whatever I wanted. Inherently, this created some hitches when I eventually entered the real world where money is required to survive.

Wrestling was my sport. Wrestling even earned me a scholarship to college, so it did pay off. Don’t get me wrong.


Wrestling was all I cared about at the time, which created my setback. I went to school and studied, only to get good grades so that I could wrestle. I didn’t realize that school would provide me the tools to run a business one day. I thought attending school was just something you had to do as a kid.

The good news is that sports gave me an incredibly strong work ethic, but the downside is that once I entered into adulthood, I had no idea about the real world and work. Once I was able to use my strong work ethic that came from excelling in sports, to excel in business, I was on the right path to building healthy finances.

Simply talk to your children in an educational manner regarding how to make money, save money and avoid debt. Eventually, this information will register, and as they become young adults, they will be financially off to a great start.


Look at your life as an adult, and say to yourself, what could my parents have taught me at a young age that would have catapulted my financial success in real life? And implement it for your children.

I have two amazing parents, don’t get me wrong. I am just using real life examples to relate to people reading. My parents did plenty of good for me growing up, possibly I was a little too spoiled, and this made transitioning into the real world more difficult.
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Teaching Kids About Money – 12 Tips from the Experts from Golden Financial Services

If you need financial education, before you can teach your children about money, take a look at this next post on Mastering Your Finances in 2016.

About the Author:


Paul Paquin is the CEO at Golden Financial Services, a Credit Card Relief Company. Paul has more than 13-years experience in the debt relief industry. Paul is an entrepreneur who focuses on credit card relief options and financial services. Before creating Golden Financial Services Paul worked as a manager for a non-profit debt management company in Boca Raton, FL. And before that Paul’s life was dedicated to the sport of wrestling where he won multiple state and national wrestling titles as seen here. https://nomorecreditcards.com/whats-the-real-secret-to-financial-freedom-by-paul-paquin-golden-financial-services/ Paul realized that consumers often would not qualify for consumer credit counseling because their payment would be too high, and these people would then be forced to file for bankruptcy. There was an apparent demand for a program that could assist consumers with paying off their debt and avoiding bankruptcy, as an alternative option to consumer credit counseling. At that point, the only question at hand was, “will creditors settle for less than what a person owes”? Paul began negotiating with creditors, for the clients that could not qualify for the debt management program at the company where he was currently employed. Of course, his boss at the time was aware of what Paul was doing. His name was George, and he helped Paul with setting up the new company that they were eventually partners on. Paul started Golden Financial Services in 2004, in a small room in the downstairs area of his one bedroom apartment. On the weekends when he was off from his regular job, Paul was working on his new business and calling debt collection companies. The company was named after Paul’s dog Goldy, who had died. Paul loved his dog. With the help of his partner George, and his attorneys, Paul developed a proprietary system including contracts, settlement resolution letters and software, all aimed at managing the process of settling debt and growing Golden Financial Services. After 30 successful settlements, they quickly moved into a 2400 sq. Foot office and started hiring. Within a year at the office, Paul hired his first employee. Shortly after that he hired ten customer service agents that also handled negotiations, and Paul helped them to replicate his negotiating style, and then perform it on their own. Today Golden Financial Services has helped over 1.7 million consumers and has an A+ BBB rating. They are number “1” on Google for Credit Card Relief Programs. Golden Financial Services offers credit card relief services in 5 locations including Arizona, San Diego, Los Angeles, Florida, and New York. Golden Financial Services is truly the pioneer of debt settlement. They partnered with attorneys all throughout the country where legal protection is now included. SEE PAUL PAQUIN ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/CardDebtRelief SEE PAUL PAQUIN ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/paul.paquin.58 SEE GOLDEN FINANCIAL SERVICES ON FACEBOOK: https://business.facebook.com/GoldenFinancialServicesDebtRelief/ SEE PAUL PAQUIN ON LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulpaquingoldenfinancialsvs SEE PAUL PAQUIN’S GOOGLE PLUS PROFILE: https://plus.google.com/+PaulPaquin/posts SEE PAUL PAQUIN’S AUTHOR PROFILE: https://nomorecreditcards.com/author/paquin-paul-golden-financial-services/ SEE PAUL PAQUIN’S YOUTUBE ACCOUNT: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/115760141675392424829/+Nomorecreditcardsgoldenfinancialservices/videos

Read more at https://nomorecreditcards.com/author/paquin-paul-golden-financial-services/#WgOxiqEtx2p3EOJq.99


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