OPTION ONE–Pay More Than Minimum Payments (use the “Debt Snowball Method,” endorsed by Dave Ramsey)

Reducing credit card debt by paying more than the minimum payments should always be a consumer’s first option to consider. At Golden Financial Services we recommend the “Debt Snowball Method.” 

Attack your account with the lowest balance first. 

Pay minimum payments on the rest, while putting all of your extra money towards the account with the lowest balance. We need to get this account resolved first–it’s the easiest credit card debt to pay off. You will feel accomplished as soon as it gets paid off–motivating you to get the next one resolved quickly.  

One by one your debts will get paid off.

Like a snowball, as you continue rolling along you will pick up momentum. Each time you pay a small debt off; you get energy–and more money available to put towards the next one. Try our free budget tool to get started. By making a budget you can find extra money. 

OPTION TWO–Take Out a Home Equity Line of Credit (best option; if you have equity in your home)

A home equity line of credit usually offers a lower interest rate compared to any other type of loan. By using a home equity line of credit to pay off credit card debts–you are then left with a low-interest home equity line of credit to pay back, plus your credit score goes up once all of your credit card balances are paid off in full. 

OPTION THREE–Reduce Credit Card Debt Quickly With Debt Settlement

At Golden Financial Services we specialize in assisting consumers with reducing credit card debt through our various debt relief programs.  We now have the most effective programs on the market available to help consumers with unsecured debt issues. 


Debt settlement is ideal for credit card debts that were sold off to a third-party debt collection company. This type of program is perfect for a person that has a financial hardship. If you qualify for a debt settlement service,  you can pay less than the full balance owed to become credit card–debt free.


debt settlement services - to resolve credit card debt

Debt settlement services can resolve credit card debt for less than the full amount owed.


The problem with debt consolidation loans–is when they come with a high-interest rate. Beware of the fees and interest rate–being offered with a debt consolidation loan. A home equity line of credit is a smarter option than a debt consolidation loan to reduce credit card debts–due to the interest rate and payment being the lowest (on average) with a home equity line of credit.

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