What is Credit Card Debt Settlement?

For anyone who is not familiar with credit card debt settlement, from Wikipedia, debt settlement “is also known as debt arbitration, debt negotiation or credit settlement and is an approach to debt reduction in which the debtor and creditor agree on a reduced balance that will be regarded as payment in full.” Credit card debt settlement is a variation to “debt settlement”, but specifically refers to settling credit card debt. 

This type of program through a reputable company will often be the fastest route for a consumer to take in order to become credit card debt free.

This type of program is a serious choice for a consumer to make.  Therefore it is imperative to only join with a company that has a long track record of success and that has been in business for no less than five years.   You want to make sure the company assisting you is fully equipped with the tools and experience to successfully take you from point A, to point B which is debt free.

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Do not just call any company on the Internet that has a nice website.  Actually, check the company out and make sure they don’t just have sales people that sound good on the phone.  You should always be sure to look up how long a company has been in business, if they have any unresolved Better Business Bureau complaints, what their rating is, if they have testimonials and of course make sure that you are comfortable with the choice that you would be making. 

Once you make the decision to go forward on the program, mentally be prepared to stay with the program until the end.  Here at Golden Financial Services we stay by your side and guide you throughout the entire program.  We understand that this can be a stressful time for you.  Therefore our goal is to minimize the pain that you have to go through and help you to finish in the fastest timeframe, where you can then get the fresh start that you deserve.

Who qualifies for a Credit Card Debt Settlement Program?

red tickAre your credit card payments too high? 

red tickAre you finding it hard to stay current on your bills?

red tickHave you fallen behind on your payments?

red tickDo you have a hardship including divorce, reduced income, loss of job or a medical condition?

red tickHas your minimum payments or interest rates increased?

red tickDid you perhaps spend too much money and now your unsecured debt payments are just spiraling out of control?

red tickDid you spend money on your cards to pay for your business, home fixtures or to help a family member?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you could be a good candidate for this hardship program.  There are many other reasons that could qualify you for the program, but the ones mentioned above seem to be the most common.

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Credit Card Debt Settlement Services Include

  • Consumers are set up with only one monthly payment, significantly lower than what they would be paying if they were to continue paying minimum payments on their own.
  • Consumers will pay a significant amount less than the balance owed when successfully completing the program.
  • All debts will be settled, paid and a zero dollar balance will be reported to the credit reporting agencies.
  • Consumers will have a designated legal assistant as their point of contact where they get personalized attention throughout the entire program, along with an attorney in their state that provides them with legal protection while on the program.
  • All clients will be set up with online 24/7 access to their accounts status, storage for all settlement letters and documentation, educational and credit building videos and much more.
  • Consumers can be debt free in around two to three years on average.
  • Educational services will be provided to the consumer over the first 30 days of the program.

Why is Golden Financial Services one of the best companies to work with?

Golden Financial Services is one of the few debt settlement BBB highly rated companies and has been since 2004.  A service that works must be provided to consumers in order to maintain a good BBB rating.  The BBB checks on a regular basis ensuring that a debt relief company has zero unresolved customer complaints, client testimonials, graduated clients, is compliant with the Federal Trade Commission, has compliant marketing and the BBB checks these factors on a regular basis.

Here are examples of real creditor settlement letters that clients have received on the debt negotiation program with Golden Financial Services.

Golden Financial Services achieves outstanding settlements with the creditors because we have a massive number of client’s debts to work with.  When negotiating we bulk together a large number of client’s debts with a certain creditor, then basing negotiations on a large dollar amount, where we have more leverage and can solidify larger discounts for our clients.

There are other programs including debt management, tax resolution, and credit restoration that consumers may qualify for.  We will go over all options with you.  If you qualify for debt management, we can refer you to our nonprofit consumer credit counseling partner.  If you qualify for credit settlement, we can assist you!  Whatever your financial situation includes, we can help.

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