What to do After Being Served with a Credit Card Lawsuit

Lawsuit Defense

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Step One

Stay Calm!  There is a good chance that we can help you. 

You are already doing what you are supposed to be doing, and that is being proactive.  If you are reading this page right now, then you are taking the right steps towards beating this case.

Step Two

Gather and save any paperwork that was provided to you; including your most recent statements, collection letters, and the lawsuit.

We will want to review everything that you have.

Step Three

Call us at 866-376-9846 or fill out the simple form on the right and we will then get in contact with you.  We will want to provide you with a free consultation where we can learn more about your situation.

We can at least provide you with some free advice on how to deal with the lawsuit.

Step Four

If we believe that we can help you after having our initial consultation with you, we will then need for you to fax or email us all of the paperwork that you have received regarding the lawsuit. 

Credit Card Lawsuit Assistance

For over 9 years we have been assisting consumers with dealing with Creditor Lawsuits.

Debt Settlement to deal with Credit Card Lawsuits

The Debt Settlement Program at Golden Financial Services was just featured on CNBC, Fox and hundreds of other news channels as of 2013.  We are also a highly rated company with the Better Business Bureau and have been since 2004.

Our Debt Settlement Program includes Lawsuit Defense

If you receive a credit card lawsuit while enrolled in our debt settlement program, you will get the full lawsuit defense required to deal with your case and resolve it.

The debt settlement program will also address all of your other unsecured accounts. 

All Cards

Don’t Ignore Your Other Cards

You will be set up with only one monthly payment once approved on the program.  That monthly payment will go towards handling all of your accounts, including the credit card lawsuit.  The monthly payment will be significantly lower, than what you are used to paying on your own.

On average it takes 36 months or less to graduate on this type of program.

To learn more about this type of settlement service we recommend that you read here.

What if I have a lawsuit that occurs on an account before I get approved on the Program?  Can I still be helped?

Usually, if you don’t have a court date for at least 30 days, we can still get you approved and help you on the program.  If you wait and then call us a week before your court date, we may not be able to assist you on that particular credit card lawsuit

Once approved by the Debt Settlement Program, how will my attorney respond to my credit card lawsuit?

Your attorney that we match you with will get involved immediately. 

Your attorney will need to speak with you, gather all relevant paperwork and then start preparing the initial response to your lawsuit.  Your lawyer’s goal will be to get the lawsuit dismissed.

Our attorneys will often prepare a 20-22 page response to your lawsuit.

The creditor will now have to respond to us.

It’s virtually like the tables have turned.

Keep in mind that once the creditor receives our 20-22 page response to your lawsuit, they need to answer now to us and within 30 days.   At this point, many creditors would rather move on to a new candidate to sue that is not being represented by one of our partner attorneys. 

Where are the Attorneys from that represent Golden Financial Services clients?

The attorneys that we choose to utilize for our clients have extensive experience and a proven track record of success regarding dealing with credit card lawsuits.  We are extremely particular about what attorney teams we partner with.  

One of our requirements is that all lawyers that we select and match with our clients must be in good standing with their States Bar.  As a Highly Rated Better Business Bureau Company, we must ensure that all of our partners including the attorneys that we match with our clients are also highly rated with their regulatory department.

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Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

It’s better to get served with a lawsuit while on our program, where your designated attorney is right there and ready to provide you with Credit Card Lawsuit Defense. 

You are guaranteed our help if you receive a lawsuit on an account that is already enrolled in the program.  Therefore it is imperative to take action immediately and seek the appropriate help that you need if you are behind on creditors and have already been served on at least one of them.

There are other factors that we also have to take into account that could get you approved or disapproved on the program.

What factors could get me denied for the program?

Is the lawsuit your only account that you need help on?

Do you have less than $7,500 in total unsecured bills?

Did you lose all of your income where you don’t even have enough money to make small monthly payments on the settlement that we get for you?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above then, you would not qualify for our program.  We will also take a look at the state that you live in and several other determining factors. 

What happens after the lawsuit gets dismissed?

There is a good chance that your debt settlement lawyer can help you with getting the case dismissed and then your account will only go back to the collection agency where we can continue with the settlement process. 

Once a lawsuit gets dismissed and it goes back to the collection agency, there is a good chance that we will settle that debt where you will end up paying back a significant amount less than owed.

If we can’t help you on the program, then maybe we can at least give you helpful and free advice regarding your court date.  If bankruptcy is a better option for you, then let us help you to figure this all out since this is what we specialize in.

Call us immediately at 1-866-376-9846 if you were served with a Credit Card Lawsuit.