Video One: Debt is like a SLAP IN THE FACE! This first Credit Card Relief Video went viral in 2016!


Video Two: Learn About Golden Financial Services Credit Card Programs. 


Video Three: Learn how to settle credit card debt on your own; without a program.


Video Four: What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)? (this law is used alongside many credit card relief programs to help consumers save additional money and at times even get a debt dismissed)


A message about credit card relief programs from Paul J Paquin, Golden Financial’s CEO and President!

“Hi, this is Paul Paquin–I am with Golden Financial Services.

The following video teaches you how to “settle debt” on your own, without a debt relief program. Credit card debt can be challenging to settle. Especially, with lawsuits and illegal creditor harassment that often occurs. But — if you are up for the challenging task of settling your debt “on your own” — well, I want to make sure that you’re efficiently and correctly prepared to do it.

Our top-rated and proven credit card relief programs — Well; they are life-changing. They come with credit repair and a money back guarantee, which no other debt relief companies’ offers. So, your other options is to call us right now at (866)-376-9846 and get A FREE CREDIT CARD RELIEF CONSULTATION.


You must be in total control of your debt — just like star athletes that are in the zone. They are centered, energized and resilient in the face of strong feelings–the same mentality you must have when dealing with creditors and debt collection companies. Debt collectors are trained to scare people, and they are relentless.

A debt collector’s goal–is to instill fear.

It is imperative to understand your emotional triggers so that you can funnel these emotions into an active strategy.

Summary of today’s step by step debt settlement tutorial: (4 points)

1. acknowledge your concerns–recognize your hot buttons–and the creditor’s hot buttons–map this information out before going into negotiations to be sure that you don’t overreact.
2. understand how you can get inside the debt collector’s emotions–manipulate the situation to get them to overreact.
3. your state of mind needs to be calm and alert, focused, confident and grounded but yet creative. Don’t become agitated or too disengaged.
4. go into negotiating debt–prepared–offer something beneficial to both parties.


Video Three: Golden Financial Services helped this client to pay off all of her credit card debt – WATCH VIDEO REVIEW FROM A GOLDEN FINANCIAL SERVICES CLIENT

Golden Financial Services has been in Business Since 2004 and we have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Our Company was also just featured in an Article on the Consumer News and Business Channel Website (CNBC), which I recommend for you all to read.

The reason why we are putting so much time and emphasis towards this subject, credit card programs, is because of the fact that consumer debt relief is needed more than ever.

There are currently more than 600 million credit cards floating around the United States in the hands of US Consumers.  600 million is an exceptionally high number.

Of that, a large number of consumers are delinquent on their cards.

Are Credit Card Help Programs Needed?

The answer is “Absolutely YES!

This is why at Golden Financial Services we put such a focus on this subject.  Our goal is to save consumers the maximum amount of money, offer the safest and most effective debt relief program on the market.

Today’s education includes information on the two credit card programs that are currently available for consumers to utilize in the United States.  These programs have both been around for over a decade now.

Consumers are warned that if a company approaches them regarding debt relief and has a different program available other than the two that we talk about today, be careful because it could be a scam.  Anything that sounds too good to be true, usually is.  

What are Credit Card Programs?

Credit Card Programs are programs designed to relieve or ease financial pain caused by overwhelming bills.  These types of programs are also designed to offer a full resolution or solution to a person’s credit card problems and not just a temporary benefit.

Credit Card Programs include Consumer Credit Counseling or Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement or Negotiation.   Bankruptcy is a last resort.  We recommend that consumers steer away from Bankruptcy if at all possible.  

We recommend visiting the page that is labeled “Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy” if you are looking to learn more about bankruptcy.

Debt Settlement as a Credit Card Program

The first and currently the most popular credit card program would be Debt Settlement.

A Debt settlement or negotiation service is a program that assists consumers with paying off high unsecured accounts.  Our Experienced servicing negotiators will contact your creditors or collection agencies and negotiate a settlement that is favorable for you.

You must have some type of hardship to qualify for this program.  There are also other factors that could qualify or disqualify you such as your income, job, state that you live in, total debt load that you have and many other factors.

Our negotiators will use a bulk settlement approach where often hundreds of client’s worth of debt will be grouped together, where the negotiations will then be based on sometimes millions of dollars’ worth of debt at a given time.

This strategy leads to us having more leverage to solidify larger discounts with the creditors for our clients. 

We have a massive number of clients signed up on our program.  This is one of the main reasons why we have such successful results and the ability to save our clients so much money.

Our debt settlement program infrastructure includes state of the art and proprietary software that has been developed and worked on since 2004.  

Our software tracks all of our clients, their debts, creditor contacts, it’s connected to the credit bureaus and basically everything involved in the formula that our servicing negotiator’s use to settle debt is included in the software making the process even more efficient.

On our debt settlement program:

  • Clients can access their accounts online 24/7.
  • Clients are matched with a lawyer from their state that is included with the program and who is there to provide clients with legal protection while on the program.
  • Also included on the program is lawsuit defense and asset protection.
  • Clients receive personalized one on one attention from their designated legal assistant that we set them up with.  Clients are introduced to their legal assistant once approved on the program, and their legal assistant stays by their side until the end, when they graduate.

Clients have only one monthly payment while on the program and end up paying back a significant amount less than owed on their debts upon graduation from this type of credit card program.

Here is a debt settlement program example of a client who has 30,000 dollars in debt.

Looking at our debt calculator, we will plug in 30,000 dollars for the total debt amount.  As a monthly payment, let’s look at a payment of $500 per month, which would have a consumer debt free in around three years or less on a debt settlement program.

Call 866-376-9846 to see if you qualify for Debt Settlement Today.

The call and the consultation will be free.  You will not be obligated to anything aside from getting educated, information and assistance if you qualify for Debt Relief.

Consumer Credit Counseling as a Credit Card Program

The second program that we will talk about is Consumer Credit Counseling and also known as Debt Consolidation or Debt Management.

We have aligned ourselves here at Golden Financial Services with only “A+” BBB Rated Nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling Companies.   We realize that there are times where certain consumers will prefer consolidation over settlement or maybe a person will not qualify for debt settlement and will be better qualified for consolidation. 

Whatever the case is, we ensure that if consumers come to us, we have the ability to offer them the most effective program based on their individual situation.

Consumer Credit Counseling is a credit card program that also enables a person to have only one consolidated monthly payment.

With consolidation, a person will pay back all of the money that they owe. 

The good news is that on a consumer credit counseling program a person will have their interest rate lowered.   This leads to their overall monthly payment being lowered, from what they are currently paying on their own when paying minimum payments.

Let’s take a look.

Looking at our debt calculator again, we will plug in 30,000 dollars for the total debt amount like we did earlier for the debt settlement example.

As a monthly payment, let’s set the payment to $660 per month, which is approximately what your payment really would be with consumer credit counseling.   At a payment of $660 per month, you would be debt free in approximately 5 years with consolidation.

As you can see with consolidation you would pay back a significant amount more than what you would pay back on a debt settlement program. 

However, with consolidation, you would pay back a significant amount less and get out of debt faster, than when staying current and paying minimum payments on your own. 

Staying Current

Before a person decides to sign up for a credit card program, they should always attempt to continue paying their debts on their own and staying current.

Utilizing a debt calculator tool is a great way for you to see if it’s even possible to pay off all of your debt, on your own.  Sometimes creditors will set their clients up with such a high interest rate, where when people are paying minimum payments only, it’s near impossible for them to even get their debts paid off.

To get an exact number regarding what you would pay back on your own, when staying current on your bills, we recommend consumers use a Bankrate or CNN debt calculator.  Both CNN and Bankrate offer accurate debt calculators. 

We have a Bankrate debt calculator for consumers to use at  All you will have to do is go here and click on the page that says “Credit Card Calculator” 

Once you get there, scroll down the page to where it shows the “Calculator.”

Simply type in your total debt amount where it says “Card Balance” ($30,000.00).  Then type in your Interest Rate or the average interest rate that you have on your accounts. (25%)

Then type in how much you are paying out each month.  Typically if someone has $30,000.00 in bills, they are paying out approximately $750 each month in order to stay current.

Then hit calculate.

Based on these figures, our debt calculator says that at a payment of $750 per month, with an average interest rate of 25%, you would be debt free in approximately 87 months, which equals out to just over 7 years.

Consumer Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement are the two legitimate credit card help programs available for consumers this year in the United States.  

If any new credit card help programs come out in the US, we will be the first to know about them.

Please give us a call if we can help you in any way at all and we would be happy to answer your questions at 866-376-9846.