Better Business Bureau Credit Card Debt Reduction Programs & Accredited With IAPDA

How do I reduce my credit card debt?


To reduce your credit card debt you have multiple debt relief programs available. Golden Financial Services can provide you with a free consultation at any time, or just keep reading for free information. Golden Financial Services’ agents are all certified with the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) — this organization provides extensive debt relief training and testing to debt reduction company representatives before a company can get accredited.


Compare Each Credit Card Reduction Program (Pro’s Vs. Con’s)


DEBT VALIDATION: — Disputes your debt. (think of how a lawyer challenges a speeding ticket, debt validation has a similar concept)

*Least expensive *Debt not getting paid back
*Quickest resolution (2-3 Yrs.)*The debt could be proven valid 
*Comes with credit repair*Results may vary 
*Comes with guarantee  *Potential harassment


Debt validation is a great starting point for consumers who had to stop paying their credit card payments due to insufficient income. Debt validation doesn’t pay your debt but rather disputes it. As you’ve probably seen all over the news, unscrupulous debt collection companies have been illegally collecting on debt.


Debt collection companies often fail to maintain legally required paperwork and accurate information. Once challenged on this, if the debt collection company can’t produce the legally required paperwork — They must immediately stop collection on the debt and can no longer report the debt on your credit.

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CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING: – Best credit card interest rate reduction program.

*Pay less interest *Negative 3rd party notation (CC) on credit
*Debt-free faster than minimum payments*Must pay full amount, plus interest 
*Combines credit card payments into one*Takes five-years to graduate 
*Very small negative effect on credit *Payment around the same as when paying minimum payments 


Consumer credit counseling credit card programs reduce a person’s interest rates and consolidate their monthly payments into one. You could become debt free in around five-years.


Golden Financial Services is an Accredited Debt Reduction Company with the IAPDA


Disclosure: Unlike at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) where companies can pay for accreditation — IAPDA requires a company’s debt counselors to pass rigorous tests before becoming accredited members.


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DEBT SETTLEMENT: – Best hardship credit card reduction program (Save 40% on average)

*Get balances significantly reduced*Debt not getting paid back
*Debt-free in 3.5 years on average*Potential tax consequences
*One low monthly payment*Potential creditor harassment
*Gives clients control of their payment*Creditors don’t have to settle


Better Business Bureau A+ Rated & IAPDA Accredited Debt Reduction & Settlement Companies


Reputable IAPDA Accredited and BBB A+ Rated debt settlement companies will only charge you a fee after your debt is settled and results are achieved, minimizing any risk of losing money!


Clients often save around 40% of what they owe on each debt with debt settlement services at Golden Financial Services.


It’s a golden rule, every reputable debt settlement company will have these two credentials; A+ Rated at the BBB & Accredited for Debt Relief at the IAPDA.


With debt negotiation — you don’t have to wait three years to get results, within six months your first debt could be settled. One by one your debt gets reduced, settled and paid off.


You maintain total control of your money at all times as your monthly payments are made into an FDIC insured trust account that’s in your name.


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The call & information is free, start eliminating your debt
for less than your current minimum payments, benefits include

  • Reducing unsecured debt & credit card debt from 40-60%
  • Less interest
  • One all-inclusive monthly payment
  • Be debt free in 24-48 months
  • Work with a 15-year old company that has zero BBB complaints!
  • Helped More Than 1.6 Million Consumers Since 2004.


Rid yourself of the burdens & stress associated with never ending
debt, join the many others & call for your no obligation free consultation where you can speak with an enrollment specialist and learn why debt negotiation has been recognized as one of the best alternatives for consumers to help eliminate debt.

Is There Government Credit Card Reduction Help?


Unfortunately, there are no government credit card debt reduction programs.


Not all applicants will qualify. Get your free quote today! Call 866-376-9846


Our Mission

“Our mission is to offer the most effective credit card debt reduction program on the market, that saves consumers the most money and
time.” This statement was from the CEO at Golden Financial Services.


Credit Card Debt Reduction Disclosures:


Other common names for this program include debt resolution, debt negotiation, debt elimination and debt arbitration.


Your information will be kept private and in the hands of a senior financial specialist at Golden Financial Services.


Your information will never be sold to a third party.


Fees are included in all programs and results may vary.


You will get to learn all of your options and find out if you qualify for one of the credit card reduction programs in your state.