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Credit Card Debt Payoff Calculator

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Debt Calculator

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* Put the average interest rate that you are paying or that you were paying on your accounts. This will be used to calculate how much you would end up paying when staying current on your accounts. The interest rate that you put in here, will not effect the figures that are calculated for the consumer credit counseling and debt settlement programs.
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Credit Card Debt Payoff Calculator + a Debt Relief Program Calculator (ALL-IN-ONE)

Golden Financial Services developed this debt calculator so that consumers can see all of their debt relief options inside one calculator.

All of the debt relief programs that are effective for 2017 are included in this single debt payoff calculator.

Consumers can quickly find out what type of payment they will have on a debt settlement, debt validation, and debt consolidation program. Keep in mind these figures are just estimates.

Debt Payoff Calculator: How to eliminate credit card debt as quickly as possible

How fast do you want to get out of debt? Three years? 

Enter the amount you are currently paying each month into the debt payoff calculator tool (where it says: “Enter Your Total Debt.”)

You will then see how long it will take to become debt free based on that payment.

Not happy with the results?

Need to get out of debt faster?

Ok, so gradually increase your payment on the debt calculator. Interest is what kills most people, keeping them paying on credit card debt for 5-10 years. So the more you can pay on a monthly basis, the faster you can attack your balance and become debt free.

Ok, so gradually increase your payment on the debt calculator. Interest is what kills most people, keeping them paying on credit card debt for 5-10 years, and sometimes even longer. So the more you can pay on a monthly basis, the faster you can attack your balance and become debt free.

Can’t afford to get out of debt in under five years?

If this is the case, consider consumer credit counseling, debt settlement, and debt validation.

How to use this debt payoff and loan calculator to reduce interest rates

People often have interest rates that are higher than 25%. In fact; on a daily basis at Golden Financial Services, we come in contact with over one-hundred people per day with interest rates that are above 25%.

Here are some ways to reduce the amount of interest you are paying on any type of unsecured debt including unsecured loans, credit cards, and student loans.

By paying more than the minimum payment you can save money on interest and get out of debt faster.

Example: $50,000 in unsecured debt — interest rate of 30% — and payment of $1,400 per month — here are your options to pay less interest according to our interest rate reduction & debt payoff calculator

This debt payoff calculator image illustrates how long it would take to payoff $50,000 in credit card debt with the interest rate at 30% and it illustrates additional debt relief options to get out of debt faster.

In this example above, if the consumer pays $1,400 per month they can become debt free in 3-years and 10-months, and pay a total of $15,000 in interest (enough interest to buy a new car). 

How to pay less interest?

Firstly, you can pay less money in interest by using any of the debt relief programs mentioned above.


Secondly, if you can pay the $50,000 of debt in full, in one lump payment, that would be your best bet. Your credit score will shoot up and you will pay NO INTEREST. Some people even take out a home equity line of

Thirdly, you can use a debt consolidation loan to payoff your high-interest debts. You would then have only one loan to pay back and that loan will have a small interest rate. Some people even take out a home equity line of credit since these types of loans offer such low-interest rates, and use the home equity line of credit to payoff all of their other debts.

Learn How to Payoff $20,000 in Debt in Three Years, When the Interest Rate is 25%

Firstly, if you enter $415 per month into the debt payoff calculator with $20,000 in debt, the results will illustrate that your debt will NEVER get paid off.

Now let’s enter a higher payment and see how much faster you can get out of debt at that payment. Let’s try $600 per month on $20,000 in credit card debt. Interest is what we are trying to reduce here folks!

Great news! At $600 per month, you can be debt-free in under four years!

Can’t afford to pay that much?

Your options include debt settlement, consumer credit counseling (debt consolidation) and debt validation. A debt settlement program can have you debt free on $20,000 in debt — with a payment of only $400 per month. This could be your solution. First, learn about the pros and cons of debt settlement by visiting this page now.

Have credit cards that were sent to a collection agency? Try debt validation! Debt validation could provide you a monthly payment of only $301 per month to complete the plan in three years. Debt validation uses a different approach, you won’t be paying the debt but rather disputing the debts and forcing the debt collection companies to prove that they are legally attempting to collect on the debt. 

You may just need a reduction in your interest rates. If this is the case, consumer credit counseling could be your best option.



Student Loan Calculator

This calculator is also a bank loan and student loan payoff calculator. You can get a quote with this calculator on how long it will take to payoff unsecured loans, student loans and just about any type of debt. Our debt payoff calculator is not only designed for credit card debt.

Student loans can also be resolved with debt relief programs. Consumer credit counseling is the only debt relief program that will not allow student loans. So use the calculator above to help you payoff any type of unsecured debt that you have, not just credit cards. It is important to put the accurate interest rate into the calculator. High interest is the factor that causes some loans to take 5-10 years to payoff.

Credit Card Payoff and Debt Reduction Calculators are valuable tools for consumers to use because they allow a person to see how much money they will end up paying by the time they are debt free.  Some consumers may find out that based on their current payment towards their credit cards, student loans, and unsecured loans, that they will never become debt free. Interest reduction calculators like this one can be a great starting point for anyone looking to reduce their bills, the only difference with our calculator is that you get to see all of your debt relief options.

After playing around with the numbers on our debt calculator, a person will be able to understand how to pay off their accounts faster and save the most money. 

Why is the Golden Financial Services Credit Card Debt Calculator Tool Better than Others?

  Our debt payoff calculator tool allows you to compare multiple debt relief options on one calculator. Debt settlement, debt validation and consumer credit counseling options are included in this debt calculator. It is an “all in one” debt payoff and debt reduction program calculator.

–  Our credit card calculator includes graphs to help illustrate the numbers. Sometimes an image, says more than 1,000 words!

–  Our calculator has current figures and debt relief program information for 2017. The figures are 100% accurate. The calculator’s algorithm was just updated to match the actual bank’s algorithm, so if this calculator tells you that at your current payment amount it will take you ten years to payoff your debt, you can trust that quote is accurate. Sometimes credit cards will have hidden fees included in the payment, if this is the case, obviously these figures won’t reflect accurately in our calculator.

Speak to a Certified Debt Counselor at 866-376-9846 if you have any questions on how to use the debt calculator or about debt relief programs.

Try the Golden Financial Services debt consolidation and minimum payment debt payoff calculator and then call to speak with a counselor if you have any questions.

A customer used the NoMoreCreditCards Credit Card Calculator before signing up for their credit card debt relief program. A credit card debt calculator tool can show a person how much money they can save with the different debt relief options.
Credit Card Calculator
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