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Note*:Put the average interest rate that you are paying or that you were paying on your accounts. This will be used to calculate how much you would end up paying when staying current on your accounts. The interest rate that you put in here, will not effect the figures that are calculated for the consumer credit counseling and debt settlement programs.

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Currently in the United States the average interest rate on credit card debt fluctuates between 14%-15%, which is high.  If you are in that category, or worse off, then you definitely should try and take the advice, of this credit card payoff calculator.

Not everyone qualifies for a debt relief program. There are many determining factors involved. This debt calculator is only providing estimates on a few of the popular debt relief programs currently available. To find out accurate details pertaining to your specific situation and to see if you qualify for a program in your state, simply fill out this form or call 1-866-376-9846 now. 

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Try Debt Calculator Tool to Pay Off Credit Cards & Call For Additional Information.

Credit Card Payoff and Debt Reduction Calculators are valuable tools for consumers to use because they allow a person to see how much money they will end up paying by the time they are debt free.  Some consumers may find out that based on their current payment towards their credit cards or unsecured debts, they will never become debt free.   This is a great starting point for anyone looking to reduce their bills.

After playing around with the numbers on our debt calculator, a person will be able to understand how to pay off their accounts faster, and save the most money.

Why is the Golden Financial Services Credit Card Debt Calculator Tool Better than Others?

  Our debt payoff calculator tool allows you to compare multiple debt relief options on one calculator.   This includes when a person stays current on their accounts, with debt settlement and consumer credit counseling options.   It is an “all in one” debt payoff and debt reduction program calculator.

–  Our credit card calculator includes graphs to help illustrate the numbers. Sometimes an image, says more than a 1,000 words!

Golden Financial Services

  • Consumers can always call the Golden Financial Services, toll free phone number at 866-376-9846, to find out if they qualify for debt settlement or debt consolidation programs. 
  • Golden Financial Services Enrollment Specialists are trained to assist consumers with getting answers to any questions related to paying off debt.  Consumers can also take advantage of exploring the Golden Financial Services debt relief blog for free!!  In there you can find free financial tools and read all kinds of educational, but fun posts like this one below.

How to Pay off Credit Card Debt Fast by @gfsdebtrelief from Golden Financial Services
  • An Enrollment Specialist at Golden Financial Services can teach you how to pay off unsecured debt faster and pay less interest when current on accounts.  We can also explain the details to you about all of the debt relief options available, including bankruptcy.
  • Golden Financial Services can assist you with enrolling onto an effective debt settlement program with legal protection included, or onto a non-profit consumer credit counseling program, depending on what option you qualify for. Student loan relief programs are also available. Understand the difference between consolidation and settlement services. 
  • Golden Financial Services assists consumers with restructuring their budget and understanding debt relief programs.

Have any Questions?

If you have any questions on the figures above, provided by our credit card debt calculator, then simply Call 866-376-9846 and an Enrollment Specialist can further assist you.


A Credit Card Payoff Calculator Can Save You Money

Save Money by Cutting Out Items you Want, and Only Buy Items you Need.

Save Money

It is important you understand that when spending money on a credit card, in the end you could end up paying much more than whatever you’re buying is actually worth.

Some people frivolously spend money on items that they want, and not necessarily need. With the economy the way it is this day and age, we all need to really examine what we are spending money on.

Rather than spending money on your credit cards, on items that you want and not necessarily need, save that money.   Put the money into a savings account, or possibly even a Roth IRA account.  On top of that, it could help improve your credit score if you have a lower balance on each of your credit cards.  If you utilize less of your credit limit on each of your credit cards, this helps to build good credit and also can save a person thousands of dollars in interest.  Learn more about building good credit here.

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Courtesy of Golden Financial Services, we have enabled this tool to be shared on other company websites.  Our goal is to spread financial education around the community.  Our debt reduction calculator illustrates what your creditors; sometimes don’t go over with you.

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Fill out the contact form on the upper right side of this page, and an Enrollment Specialist will contact you to go over all debt relief options.  We hope you liked our Credit Card Debt Calculator Payoff Tool!


                    –  Debt settlement services will lower your credit score while on the program.  

                    –  There are fees included on the debt settlement program.

                    –  Golden Financial Services is not a law-firm or a consumer credit counseling company.  We partner with only the   best attorneys and non-profit consumer credit counseling companies around the country.

                    –  The calculations provided on our credit card debt payoff calculator above are only estimates.