Best debt relief programs (Inside an Infographic)

Learn all of your debt relief options inside one single and easy to read infographic. Whether you have private or federal student loan debt, credit cards or debt collection accounts –>> all of your debt relief answers are here!

Summary of Debt Relief Programs

Federal student loan consolidation.

These are the federal student loan consolidation programs offered at

Debt validation for private student loans.

Debt validation is used to dispute and challenge debt. The goal is to get the debt proven to be legally uncollectible — so you don’t have to pay it!

Debt settlement for unsecured debt.

Our negotiators work to settle each of your unsecured debts for much less than the full amount owed, ranging from 30% – 35% savings after fees are added in.

Debt consolidation for any type of debt. Bad Credit OK

Debt consolidation is getting a loan to pay off all of your other debt. The goal is to reduce your interest rates and get out of debt faster.

Credit restoration (credit restoration comes with debt validation for free – take a look)

Firstly, the infographic highlights all of the different financial hardship reasons, that could qualify a person for a debt relief program. We use superheroes to tell the story, including Superman, the Incredible Hulk, and Spiderman!

Secondly, the story inside the infographic starts with the Montel Williams PayDay Loan Scam that trapped consumers in over their head with high-interest loans. Golden Financial Services and our superhero friends then provide solutions for these folks to turn to — where we detail each debt relief program inside the infographic. The information inside the infographic is 100% accurate and up to date (as of 2017) — so it can be used as an educational tool and not just something fun to look at.

Let’s dive in!

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DEBT Infographic

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If you would like to learn more about credit card relief programs visit this page next.

Conclusion: What is the best debt relief program for 2017?

Hands down, debt validation is the best program to resolve debt collection accounts — since credit repair is included along with a 100% money back guarantee.

Federal student loan consolidation is the best program for student loans — as these are government programs and your payment can be close to zero dollars per month. (PLUS – student loan forgiveness is included!)

If you have good credit we would recommend sticking to a low-interest debt consolidation loan to resolve the high-interest accounts — and to simplify your life by having only one monthly payment.

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