Are you overwhelmed with bills and don’t know where to turn? 

Is your interest high?

Have you fallen behind on your bills?

Are you trying to increase your credit score?

Are you contemplating bankruptcy?

Look no further because you landed on the right spot for assistance!  This website was created by top industry and leading professionals, and has been designed to assist Americans financially.  This site will provide you insight on all financial programs and options available in the United States to help consumers with unsecured debt issues.

Golden Financial Services


Golden Financial Services, nonprofit consumer credit counseling companies, and attorneys that are in good standing with their state bar all contributed to the content on this site.  This website was created to educate consumers and provide them with a safe place to visit when overwhelmed with high bills.  Golden Financial Services has been offering debt settlement services since 2004 and is one of the premier debt relief companies in America today.  Golden Financial Services has zero unresolved customer complaints and hundreds of client testimonials.

Golden Financial Services receives all consumer information submitted on this website.  Consumer information is secure and will not be sold when offered on this site. 

Golden Financial Services provides consumers with free consultations once providing their information on this site, where all options will be disclosed.  There will never be any pressure, obligation or a cost involved with consultations.

Credit Card Debt Relief is what we strive to help our clients with achieving.  Relief can be accomplished by joining on debt consolidation and debt settlement programs.

Golden Financial Services has partnered up with the best debt management and nonprofit consumer credit counseling companies in America if consumers are better qualified for debt consolidation.

Consumers can also get relief by simply saving money on interest.  We teach consumers to pay more than minimum payments if they have maxed out cards.  Paying more than minimum payments allows consumers to pay off debts faster and pay less interest.

If you have unsecured debt, we can help you!

Do you want to increase your credit score?  We can teach you how!

Do you have derogatory marks on your credit report that you need to get removed?  We can help!

Are your cards maxed out where a program is needed to assist you with your situation?  We can help!  Our programs can save you the most money and time.

You may have so much debt, where bankruptcy is the only option that you will qualify for.  One of our expert financial specialists can assist you with figuring that out!  However, this option is one that we try to help consumers with avoiding.

No matter what your situation includes, we are here to assist you and consultations are always free here at Golden Financial Services.  Enjoy reading on the website and getting educated or give us a call at 866-376-9846 for a credit card debt relief quote!

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