No More Credit Card Debt–Can you imagine it? This website can act as your blueprint to debt relief options and programs. 

Having No More Credit Cards can be a reality, even though at the time for certain individuals it can feel like only a dream.  Paying off unsecured debt does not involve any trick or miracle.  There are certain fundamentals, rules and programs that can assist Americans in reaching their goal of becoming debt free. -- a Golden Financial Services Website

  Reach the goal of having No More Credit Card Debt

Golden Financial Services created this website–as a Free Debt Relief Information Site. Golden Financial Services specializes in credit card relief, student loan relief–and is recognized as an authority figure in the debt relief industry. 

The point of this website–is to provide consumers in America with free information and education on all debt relief options that are available.  Options include debt settlement, paying minimum payments, paying more than minimum payments, debt validation, debt management, and bankruptcy.

Consumers need to learn the basics and understand the benefits and negative consequences of all options.  

Bankruptcy may eliminate a person’s unsecured debt, but when it’s time to lease a new car, finance a new business, or obtain new employment–bankruptcy could be the reason you get denied. 

Consumers need to get reliable assistance but also educated so that in the end they will end up in better financial shape.

Credit Card Debt Relief – Paying More Than Minimum Payments

In some cases, we just assist consumers with restructuring their overall budget to pay more than minimum payments on their bills, where they will end up paying less interest and getting their accounts paid off faster.

Credit Card Debt Relief ProgramsDebt Settlement

In other cases, a debt settlement program will be the fastest way to pay off unsecured debt, where having no more credit card debt can be achieved within 2-3 years.  Consumers can fill out the contact form on this website or call 1-866-376-9846 to see if they qualify for debt settlement. 

All quotes are FREE!  Since 2004, Golden Financial Services has specialized in debt settlement as a credit card relief program, but we also have the ability to assist consumers with enrolling in a nonprofit debt management plan if that is what consumers qualify for.  We are a highly rated debt settlement BBB company; we only work with highly rated attorneys and nonprofit debt management companies.

Credit Card Debt Relief – Debt Management

Debt management or consolidation can help consumers with achieving credit card debt relief by paying less interest; debts will be consolidated into one monthly payment and a smaller monthly payment than what consumers would be paying on their own.  At this site consumers will be matched with only non-profit consumer credit counseling companies that are “A+” rated with the BBB, if debt management is what they qualify for.


Despite the fact that bankruptcy can lead to harsh negative side effects, bankruptcy at times is needed.  If a consumer finds it impossible to continue making even minimum payments on their accounts and cannot afford a debt settlement plan, then bankruptcy may be a viable option.  If a consumer is on the urge of having their house foreclosed on, and a chapter 13 bankruptcy may save their home, then bankruptcy may be the best option for that person.

Do you need Credit Card Debt Relief? 

If you have high debts, you should be taking steps towards paying them off or at least getting your balances down low.  Sometimes you can do this on your own and sometimes you will need assistance.   Golden Financial Services lives, breaths and works very hard every day at helping struggling Americans with high debt.  Give us a call today at 1-866-376-9846, it’s FREE!   We will discuss all Credit Card Debt Relief Options available, provide you with a detailed quote and there will be no pressure.