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This isn’t like working for other debt relief companies. After 14+ years of offering debt relief, Golden Financial Services has the debt relief business dialed in. You can offer up to five programs, assisting people that contact us!– and offering programs that are a dream to consumers. You can offer a program that comes with a money back guarantee, credit repair and allows your clients to pay only a fraction of their balance owed to escape their debt nightmares. We offer debt validation, credit repair, debt consolidation, debt settlement and student loan relief programs.

If you are interested in a sales job where you can assist your fellow Americans with their debt problems, contact Wesley Hendrickson is the hiring manager at Golden Financial Services. 

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Golden Financial Services Employment – A company that has more than 12-years in business, very few client complaints and top reviews all across the internet, must work vigorously to maintain these credentials and strives to provide the optimum opportunity for their staff. It takes a collaborative effort between attorney’s, marketing staff and sales executives to really excel in this industry. 

Debt Settlement, Relief & Consolidation Related Job Positions Available at Golden Financial Services 

Positions Include:

1. Debt Enrollment Specialist – A Sales Executive Position (commission only & hourly/salary positions available)

2. Marketing Specialist (from content creators to bloggers and programmers)

If you are interested in this employment opportunity, start by emailing your resume to  (include details about yourself and your goals)


Golden Financial Services has more than ten years experience in the debt relief industry and maintains an A+ BBB rating. We are currently looking for detail-oriented, analytical, enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals to work inside of our California, New York & Florida offices. Join the Golden Financial Services National Debt Relief Team and help others with their unsecured debt issues while getting paid at the same time.

What else is in it for you?

–  This is an opportunity for you to gain experience in the consumer financial debt solutions industry.

–  You can establish long-term employment and represent a top rated debt relief company.

–  At Golden Financial Services, you will be part of an inclusive, collaborative environment that rewards you for your commitment, hard work, and contributions.  

–  If you are driven, self-motivated and want to be employed by a company that cares and has empathy for others, then a career with Golden Financial Services may be a perfect fit for you.


Golden Financial Services top company to work for

Find high ratings and reviews on Golden Financial Services on Yelp, Google and Highly rated at the BBB, Find Employee Reviews all Across the Internet.

This is the ideal position for a self-motivated individual that already has some income coming in, to hold them over until their Golden Financial Services commissions and monthly residuals accumulate to a significant amount. Unlike other companies Golden Financial Services offers a full array of the most effective debt relief programs, ensuring their clients are placed in the right plan and achieve success. 

You can potentially sign up 2-4 clients per day, and you will get paid based on gross revenue collected from the company on clients you enroll. Golden Financial Services has built this pay structure over 12-years, modifying and improving it each year, 100% transparency is enforced allowing agents to view confidential company records and track cleared payments right from the software. Company attorneys and marketing staff provide everything from compliance reviews to new landing page creation for Debt Specialist’s, ensuring they get the most solid infrastructure to grow their business on and the best marketing.

Debt Enrollment Specialist can eventually have three-hundred or more paying clients inside their client pipeline, and build long-term residual income. The opportunity to have a team under you at that point is available, and there are even branch office options available. Golden Financial Services has an array of 7-debt relief programs and can pretty much help folks with any type of debt, unlike other companies that offer only one or two programs. Golden Financial Services ensures that you place the client in the right option and aren’t forcing clients into a program that is wrong for them, just to get paid. This leads to satisfied clients, referrals and outstanding testimonials. Golden Financial Services puts their clients first, and focussing on the client indirectly ensures agent profitability and long-term growth. You can literally take a two-month vacation and still get paid just as much when you come back the third month.

Trainings are weekly, and we encourage even the most experienced Specialist’s to enter trainings as often as their time permits. This position is the preferred option that has the highest earning potential, over the in-office sales executive position that pays an hourly/salary with small commissions. 

If you are interested in this employment opportunity here at Golden Financial Service, start by emailing your resume to (Include details about yourself and goals)

Do you own a business and are you looking to become a partner? If “Yes” then you are on the wrong page, visit here to learn about debt relief affiliate & partnership opportunities.

Job Requirements:

– Must have at least two years of experience in the debt relief industry  

– Must have extensive sales experience

– Must have references

– Cannot have a criminal background 

– Must be a team player 

Job Responsibility:

–  Take incoming applications and calls after people apply online for professional assistance with paying off their debt.

–  Educate consumers on their debt relief options including consumer credit counseling, student loan relief, bankruptcy, debt settlement and debt validation.  

–  Qualify & Enroll consumers onto the appropriate debt relief program through our specialized software.

– Work closely with the Golden Financial Services team on the different aspects of your client’s program.  

How To Apply:

If you are interested in this employment opportunity, start by emailing your resume to  (include details about yourself and your goals) Learn more about the unsecured debt and credit card relief programs that we offer here at Golden Financial Services.