Debt Relief Program Disclosures:

Website Disclosures:

  • Information submitted on this website will never be sold or used by a third-party.
  • Not all states will qualify.
  • Consultations are always free.

Debt Settlement Disclosures:

  • Understand the difference between debt settlement and debt consolidation.
  • Fees are included in all programs and results may vary. Program fees may vary from state to state.
  • With debt settlement services your creditors are not paid on a monthly basis, and because of this, your creditors may sue.
  • Interest and fees may increase your balances while on the program. However, the interest and fees will be mitigated into the settlement amount at the time your creditors agree to settle.
  • When a debt’s owed balance is satisfied for less than the full amount, the IRS may request for you to pay taxes on the amount saved. If this is to occur, you should consult with a tax professional. Some forms can be filled out to show the IRS that you are insolvent.
  • Results will vary, and there is no guarantee that creditors will settle at a certain percentage or amount. No company can guarantee these types of results and if they do that should be a warning sign to stay away from that company.
  • Debt settlement programs could lower your credit score. Credit can be rebuilt upon completing a debt settlement program.
  • Different programs are available in individual states. It is important to understand the difference in debt settlement (A.K.A. debt negotiation, debt arbitration & credit card debt settlement), consumer credit counseling (A.K.A. credit card debt consolidation, debt consolidation & credit card interest rate reduction program) and debt validation (A.K.A. debt defense & debt dispute program)
  • It can be a confusing process when attempting to become debt-free. Here at Golden Financial Services, an experienced debt relief specialist can provide you with a FREE CONSULTATION where you can learn about all of your options.

Student Loan Consolidation Disclosures:

  • Student’s may consolidate their student loans on their own; these are government offered student loan consolidation programs.
  • We are not affiliated with the government, and we are not the government. 
  • There are fees included with this program.
  • Our job is to provide and educate you about your debt relief options, and if you chose to use our services, we will process your consolidation and strive to get you approved for the lowest possible monthly payment. We will handle all communication between you, the Department of Education and your loan servicer, and we will maintain your account until after we process your loan forgives program or until your loans are paid off in full. 

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