Reduce Credit Card Debt

Reduce Credit Card Debt

Reduce Credit Card Debt with
a BBB “A+? Rated Company!

Customer review: Golden Financial Services gave me a customized plan that allowed me to actually be comfortable with my monthly payment.   I was quoted to get out of debt in around 4 years, but already, my first creditor has been paid off ahead of scheduled.  I dont usually leave reviews online, but these guys truly deserve my review.   I definitely recommend their debt relief service to others that are in trouble with debt.
  • Resolve Debt in 24 – 36 Months
  • One Low Payment Every Month
  • We have been serving America
    since 2004. Our effective program
    has been Featured on Fox and has
    earned an “A+? Rating with the BBB.
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Now! BBB "A"+ Rated Company!

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Here is a testimonial from a client that we helped to Reduce Card Debt!

“I was close to retirement when I got into a really bad investment. I lost thousands of dollars for a mistake that I could’ve easily avoided. I started falling behind on my bills and started getting harassed by so many creditors for money. It was just unbearable. I went online and started looking for professionals that could reduce credit debt and found different types of companies. I spoke to probably three before I finally found Golden Financial Services. I was very skeptical because they were in California and I live in Massachusetts. After many phone calls and follow ups, I finally decided to sign up. It took about 22 months for me to complete the program and now I’ve achieved my goal of becoming DEBT FREE! It wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it!?

Earl Carlson
Boston, MA

What do the best and most trustworthy companies have in common?

  • Provide clients with financial education while on the program. (Click Here to Learn how this Program Affects your Credit)
  • Set their customers up with an attorney in their state while on the program in case lawsuits occur or creditors attempt to sue.
  • Provide their clients with asset protection.
  • Have been in business for more than eight years.
  • Have zero unresolved customer complaints.
  • Have the highest rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • The negotiators are paid based on how they perform and how much
    money they save their clients.
Trustworthy Debt settlement Companies

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The Next Page.Consumers can also try this Debt Reduction Payoff Calculator to get an
idea of their different debt relief options.

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  • At Golden Financial Services, our hardship program is intended to assist consumers with becoming debt free in the fastest possible time-frame. This program is the most effective debt relief program on the market, designed to reduce card debt and unsecured bills. Not all states qualify.
  • If consumers are better qualified for debt management, we will connect them with a non profit consumer credit counseling establishment. We only work with BBB “A?+ rated and non profit consumer credit counseling companies.
  • To reduce unsecured debt it is always best to pay more than minimum payments. If consumers are looking to build a high credit score they should also keep their balances under 30% of what their credit limits are. Any program designed to reduce credit card debt will most likely lower a person's credit score.
  • On this website spelling and grammar is corrected on testimonials in order for them to be easier to read for other consumers. Our goal is to provide consumers with an educational and user friendly website.
  • Consumer information collected on this website will never be sold. We are not a lead company. Consumers will only be contacted by experienced financial specialists that work at Golden Financial Services.
  • Golden Financial Services is a nationwide company. Golden Financial Services was incorporated in the state of Florida in 2004. The company has zero unresolved customer complaints with the Better Business Bureau and an “A?+ rating. Golden Financial Services is one of the few companies in this industry that have such a long track record and a high rating.