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Resolving delinquent credit card debt

First and foremost, if your financial situation is in good shape, let’s start by calling your credit card companies and seeing if they will work out a reduced interest rate/payment. Often credit card companies will lower your interest rate from 15%, down to 12%, or 25% down to 18%. These are just a few examples.

You can even request for your creditors to lower your payment, and often they will approve this request. Key: When requesting for them to lower your payment; First: Ask them for a fax or email address, and send in a detailed hardship description illustrating why you need this reduction before speaking with them. B. Explain your hardship verbally, before asking for a reduction in payment.

See common hardships


If the creditors are not wiling to lower your payment, and you are already delinquent by a few months, it may at this point make sense to wait until the account is charged off or written off by your creditors before you attempt to settle or dispute the alleged debt.

In most cases your creditors will charge off the debt after approximately 180 days past due.

Why do creditors charge off a debt?

The answer:

A. It allows them to take the debt off their balance sheet, and this improves their financial outlook.
B. Creditors may be reimbursed by their banking insurance once writing off a debt and additionally they will sell it to a third-party collection agency to bring in more profit.

The bank will sell your account to a third-party debt collection company for as low as 4-5 cents on the dollar and debt becomes even cheaper as it ages, see image below. A charged off debt shows up on a person’s credit report as an “R9 for Revolving credit charge off”.


See how cheap debt can be purchased at, before negotiating a settlement on credit card debt.

Because debt is sold at a dirt cheap price, banks may be careless, and make mistakes. There are several federal laws that regulate banks and debt collectors. On a debt validation program all of these laws are fully utilized inside the paperwork used to challenge debt collectors.

Debt collection errors include inaccurate information being reported and missing or inadequate documentation being maintained.


Statistic illustrating how debt collection companies often purchase accounts with missing documentation or inaccurate details.

Read more at http://nomorecreditcards.com/whats-the-best-private-student-loan-relief-option-program/#3r4ByMxto0Dl225G.99These points should help you to understand how debt validation is possible.Often debt collectors cannot verify and validate the debt, which would then make the debt legally uncollectible. And eventually if a debt cannot be collected on, the statue of limitations will soon arrive, and now the debt is gone. In most states the statue of limitations for credit card debt is 3-6 years, unless you live in Rhode Island where it’s 10 years.

Another common option would be to settle a debt for a fraction of what is owed. Debt collection companies are willing to settle a debt at a fraction of what is owed due to the fact that they purchase the account for sometimes as low as 4-5 cents on the dollar. It is important to only hire an attorney or national debt relief company that is highly rated with the Better Business bureau and who has a long track-record of experience. Golden Financial Services offers a performance based debt settlement program where no fees are charged until results are achieved. Debt settlement is a much better option for most people, over bankruptcy. Golden Financial Services believes; A. Consumers feel better about doing debt settlement over bankruptcy because they feel like they are paying their debt back, just at a rate negotiated down based on their income B. Golden Financial Services feels that it’s easier to rebuild your credit and recover after graduating a debt settlement program, than if you were to file for bankruptcy
Golden Financial Services only recommends bankruptcy if it relates to benefiting your business if you own a company, or if it is necessary to save your home. Sometimes a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will enable a person with the ability to stay in their home, instead of foreclosure. Or if it’s a business there are times where bankruptcy will relieve the business of having to pay on unpaid debts, if a business owes more than it can pay.

Consumer credit counseling has less of an initial negative impact on a person’s credit score, but you are left making payments on your owed credit card bills for 4.5-5 years, verse approximately a 36 month program with debt settlement. Consumer credit counseling allows you to stay current on your bills and have only one payment each month, but with a reduced interest rate on each of your accounts. With consumer credit counseling your balances will eventually be paid off in full, but you will pay less in interest which will get you out of debt faster. With debt settlement your creditors are not paid on a monthly basis but rather in a lump sum payment that can be as low as half of your total balance allegedly owed.

All of our national hardship debt relief programs come with one simple monthly payment for the client. With all of our programs, fees are included, but at the end of the day clients end up paying a significant amount less than the total owed, assuming they complete all of their program scheduled payments. Golden Financial Services is a one-stop-shop for all of your unsecured debt relief needs, and we are nationally ranked for credit card relief programs. Consumers can call 866-376-9846 and speak with an experienced debt specialist for a free professional debt relief consultation today!

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