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National Credit Card Relief Options & Hardship Debt Relief Programs Available

Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy

Do I choose bankruptcy or debt settlement to pay off all my debt?

Debt relief can be achieved by using bankruptcy or debt settlement.   Like with any debt relief program, make sure the company is a highly rated BBB debt settlement company or if its bankruptcy that you are seeking make sure the attorney is highly rated with their state bar.

Should a person with a financial hardship choose debt

settlement or bankruptcy? 

Like when a person has a disease, they would usually choose a cure over treatment, right?  Debt settlement won’t cure your financial sickness immediately, but it can be the cure for your debt problem in the fastest possible time-frame when being compared with bankruptcy vs. debt settlement.

Debt settlement allows a consumer to pay off credit card debts and all unsecured debts at a reduced amount, based on their hardship and through our debt negotiation program.

Is it better to file for bankruptcy or debt settlement?

Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy what is better?

Avoid bankruptcy if you qualify for debt settlement!

Bankruptcy vs. debt settlement:

Debt settlement vs. bankruptcy FREE information

Debt Settlement Counselors Are Ready to Help You at GFS! Call 866-376-9846 Today!


Here are a few of the main debt settlement pros:

  • Pay back your unsecured debt, but at a reduced amount.
  • Save money and time when compared to Chapter 13 bankruptcy or debt management plans.
  • Be in a position to rebuild your credit score after graduating on the program, easier than if you were to file for bankruptcy.
  • Have only one monthly payment and be debt free in 36 months or less on average.  (creditors are not paid on a monthly basis)

Here are a few of the main debt settlement cons:

  • Will lower your credit score.
  • Will get creditor phone calls in the beginning of the program.

Learn more about credit card debt settlement vs. bankruptcy today by calling 866-376-9846! 

The consultation is free and you will speak with only an experienced Enrollment Specialist from Golden Financial Services, the premier debt company in America!

 Here are a few of the main bankruptcy pros:

  • Bills will be liquidated rather than a payment arrangement being made when filing chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcy.
  • Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy will put a stop to all collection actions by creditors, including foreclosures, repossessions, and garnishments.

Here are a few of the main cons with bankruptcy:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy -

  • If you have assets, they may be sold in order to pay your creditors.
  • Stays on your credit report for up to 10 years and chapter 13 bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 7 or more years.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy -

  • The majority of your income goes to paying creditors and you are left with a very small amount of money to survive.
  • Stays on your credit report for 7 years or longer.
  • Your financial well-being is being left in the hands of a judge and out of your control.

With all bankruptcy -

  • Bankruptcy all together makes it pretty much impossible to get a mortgage for at least 5 years.
  • Not all debts may be discharged like student loans and back taxes.  Student loan assistance is available here. 
  • Bankruptcy can be embarrassing.
  • Even if you need to rent a new apartment one day, having bankruptcy on your credit report can prevent you from getting approved.
  • Bankruptcy has the worst negative affect on your credit score.  In the future if you are approved for any type of loan, you will most likely have the highest interest when creditors see that you have bankruptcy on your credit report.  This can cost you more money over the long term.

When trying to decide on debt settlement or bankruptcy it is important to educate yourself first.

Call Golden Financial Services for a free debt relief consultation at 866-376-9846!

Client saved $4,800 on the Golden Financial Services debt settlement program and avoided having to file for bankruptcy.
Debt Settlement Services
Date Published: 10/07/2013
Golden Financial Services took my stress away and helped me to stay out of bankruptcy... Thank you Golden! To see more Golden Financial Services real testimonials visit here.
5 / 5 stars

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Credit Card Relief

Credit Card Relief Programs

See if you Qualify Today!

Here at Golden Financial Services, we have been serving America with our program since 2004.

You could pay back a substantial amount less than what you owe.

Pay off Your Cards in 2 – 3 Years

Have Only One Comfortable Monthly Payment

credit card relief, debt settlement. consumer credit counseling.

Golden Financial Services

Fill out the simple form on the right or call us at 866-376-9846 to receive a FREE CONSULTATION.

You will only speak with an expert financial specialist and we are an “A+” Rated Credit Card Relief Company

After filling out the form on the right, expect a call from one of our expert financial specialists within 24 hours.  You will be provided with a Free Consultation and a Savings Analysis.  You will not be obligated to anything.  Your information will stay confidential and secure.  After filling out the form, we recommend that you visit the rest of our website and get educated, while waiting for us to call you.

Credit Card Relief

Just Featured on CNBC and Fox. BBB “A+” Rated

Testimonial – This Consumer

Graduated on our

Debt Settlement

Credit Card Relief Program

“My debt seemed to spiral out of control back in 2010.  I had been paying minimum payments on it for over ten years.  The balance never seemed to change.  Then in 2010 my income drastically was lowered and I was forced to fall behind on my cards.  My brother in law told me to declare bankruptcy, but I had a bad feeling about bankruptcy, so I decided to research other options.  I found Golden Financial Services on the Internet at the Better Business Bureau website.  From all the companies that I researched, Golden Financial Services had been in business for the longest time-frame, they had no unresolved customer complaints and a great rating.  That gave me all the confidence that I needed and I decided to give them a call. After calling them and hearing that I could be set up with a payment that was close to half of what I had been paying on my own, I decided to sign up.  I was so happy when receiving a phone call last week from my legal assistant who has been helping me on the program.  She informed me that Chase, who was my last creditor, was ready to settle.  I just received my confirmation from Chase that my debt has been satisfied and the balance is at zero dollars.   It feels so good to be debt free!  Twelve creditors have been settled and paid off on this program and I am done! 

Thank you Golden Financial Services.

Patricia, from Buffalo New York”

Give us a call right now for a Free Debt Quote at 866-376-9846.

If you choose to continue reading, then we recommend that you learn more about the program that helped Patricia.  Learn More


Consumers will be contacted by one of our experienced debt experts within 24 hours after filling out the form on this page.
Not all consumers and not all states will qualify for our programs.  Consultations are always absolutely free.  Our job is to fully inform consumers with information regarding all of their options.
Debt settlement and consumer credit counseling programs are not intended to improve a person’s credit score.  Debt relief programs can lower a person’s credit score.  Debt relief programs are designed to help consumers with paying off their unsecured accounts in the fastest possible time-frame.  After graduating on a debt settlement program consumers can rebuild their credit score. 
Debt relief companies like Golden Financial Services include financial education on their programs in order to assist consumers with becoming financially fit by the time they graduate.
There are fees included with debt settlement and consumer credit counseling programs. 
The IRS could request that a person pay taxes on the amount of money saved when enrolled on a debt settlement program.  If this occurs, there are forms that can filled out to show the IRS that a person is insolvent.
We provide consumers with information on all of the credit card relief programs available in the United States including debt negotiation, credit repair, debt validation, bankruptcy debt relief and consumer credit counseling.
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Reduce Credit Card Debt

Reducing Credit Card Debt

Are you stressed out and overwhelmed because of high credit card bills and interest?  At Golden Financial Services we specialize in assisting consumers with reducing credit card debt.  Since 2004 this is what our focus has been on.  We now have the most effective programs on the market available to help consumers with unsecured debt issues. 

Also realize that you are not alone.

Currently in America as of last year:

  • $15,956.00 is the average credit card debt per household.
  • There are over 600 million credit cards held by Americans.
  • 36% of Americans asked did not know what their interest rate was on their cards. 

On this page we will discuss a few options.

Option One

-  Reduce credit cards on your own by paying more than minimum payments

Option Two

Use a debt settlement service to reduce credit card debt quickly

Call for a consultation at 866-376-9846.

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Debt Negotiation Services

About Us

Reduce Debt and Pay Off High Credit Cards

Reduce Debt Today!

Pay More Than Minimum Payments

Reducing credit card debt by paying more than the minimum payments should always be a consumer’s first option to consider.

When consumers only pay minimum payments on credit card bills, it often takes them more than ten years to pay off their accounts.

By using a minimum payment calculator tool like the one provided by CNN Money a person can see how long it will take to pay off their accounts based on the payments they are making.  With this type of tool you can also see how much money in interest you will be paying.

Golden Financial Services also provides consumers with a calculator tool that allows them to see an estimate on how much and how long it will take for them to pay off their cards on their own, with debt settlement or a consumer credit counseling program.

Reduce Credit Card Debt Quickly With Debt Settlement

Reduce Bills

Reduce Balance on Cards

With a debt settlement service a person can pay back a significant amount less than their balance owed.  A person will have their overall monthly payment reduced with this type of program.

So many consumers cannot keep up with all their bills because they are experiencing an extreme hardship.

“Do I pay my unsecured bills or my mortgage this month?”  Here at Golden Financial Services we hear this question being asked every day.

If a consumer is contemplating “do I pay on my unsecured bills or my mortgage payment this month?”, then it’s time to consider debt settlement as an option.  A person’s mortgage payment is priority over unsecured bills.  A settlement service could be the best solution for the consumer to turn to in a situation like this.


  • Jill has $50,000.00 in unsecured debt and she is paying $1,250.00 each month to stay current.  Jill needs to cut the amount that she is paying towards these unsecured bills.
  • Jill is also paying $2,000.00 each month to stay current on her mortgage payment.  If she can’t reduce debt payments on her unsecured bills, she will not be able to stay current on her mortgage.
  • Next month Jill knows that she will be $250.00 short and she will either have to fall behind on her mortgage or unsecured bills.  Jill must reduce debt payments immediately somehow and somewhere.

Well the obvious accounts to fall behind on for Jill if she has no other option would be the unsecured debts.  Staying current on her mortgage protects her home, family and that is obviously her priority.  The good news is that debt settlement would reduce unsecured debt payments going out on a monthly basis, which would then free up money that could be put towards her mortgage.

On a settlement program Jill could be set up with a payment of $900.00 per month, where that payment could have $50,000.00 in unsecured debt paid off by 3 years.  This would allow Jill to pay $350.00 less than what she is currently paying on her own towards these unsecured accounts, put the extra money towards her mortgage payment and stay in her home.  She would even have extra money left over to put towards groceries or into her savings account.

This will be the best solution for Jill!

Contact us today at 866-376-9846 or visit here for a free consultation, to see if we can help you to reduce credit card debt!

This consumer used debt settlement services to reduce credit card debt.
Reduced Credit Cards with Settlement Services
Date Published: 04/10/2013
“I was close to retirement when I got into a really bad investment.... It took about 22 months for me to complete the program and now I’ve achieved my goal of becoming DEBT FREE! It wasn’t easy, but it was well worth it!”
4.5 / 5 stars
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Credit card relief programs at Golden Financial Services can save you the most money and time!

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