Are you afraid to check the mail because there may be more bills that you can’t afford to pay?

national debt relief programs

National debt relief programs can eliminate you having to deal with endless harassment and bills in the mail!

Relax, there is good news. You can eliminate the non-stop phone calls from harassing creditors, consolidate your debts into one simple payment or resolve your debt with a national debt relief program that may have you debt-free faster than you could ever imagine. There are options available. Golden Financial Services is one of the national debt relief enrollment centers that can provide you with all of the debt relief options in your state. The call is free, call 866-376-9846 now!



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  • Featured on Fox, CNBC & 10 News – Some national debt relief programs include a Written Guarantee, while other programs include a top rated attorney in your area. 
    Golden Financial Services National Debt Relief Programs

    A+ BBB Rated & Top Yelp Rated National Debt Relief Reviews

Won’t it feel great to finally put aside the stress caused from debt? Have you ever dreamed of being debt-free and having good credit? Most of us have! Fortunately, dreams can actually come true, it’s just a matter of putting in the necessary work, or in your case simply call 866-376-9846 and let’s find your solution today.

  • The government unfortunately doesn’t offer credit card or debt relief programs. National government debt relief options should exist, but they don’t. Are you surprised? The government itself needs a national debt relief program. The government of course does regulate these programs, ensuring companies offer compliant programs. Not all applicants quality, but you can find out if you qualify for no cost, simply by calling into Golden Financial Services at 866-376-9846. Golden Financial Services is one of the few national debt relief companies that have a high Better Business Bureau, Google Places and Yelp rating.
  • Some clients finish the program in 18-months, while other clients take their time and graduate in 3-years on average.
  • The program can be designed to fit your budget if you have a hardship
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You are far from alone. Your debt may seem high, but in reality it’s small, compared to the 712-billion dollars of credit card debt owed by American consumers ($15,355 average credit card debt per household), along with over 1.2-trillion dollars of student loan debt ($47,712 average student loan debt per household), as of 2015. Source:

Through Golden Financial Services you may either settle or consolidate your debt, getting one easy payment while working towards the light at the end of the tunnel, (AKA, debt-free).

There are programs available for all types of unsecured debt including medical bills, private and federal student loans, third-party debt collection accounts and credit card debt.

National debt relief programs vary, and are often tailored for each individuals circumstances. For example, some programs offered at Golden Financial Services include credit repair and a money back guarantee. Creditors may even be abusing and violating your consumer rights, and therefore in some cases Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act Protection is included. Some consumers need a reduced interest rate, while other people may have an extreme hardship and need their debt settled. Or maybe you have recently been served with a lawsuit and need lawsuit protection and defense, not one shoe fits all.

You could be living a financial nightmare, but the good news is that we are accustomed to almost any scenario .

During the consultation you can learn what options are available, what options you qualify for and then you will ultimately be left with options, and options are great to have wouldn’t you say? Of course our professional debt experts will recommend to you what we think is the best route, but at the end of the day you may take the information and move on to another company, all we care about is helping you and that’s the truth!

Before you sign up for a national credit card debt relief program, simply call your credit card companies. Hardship situations when explained to your creditors, sometimes will lead to them working with you on reducing your interest rates.  Other times they may not work with you direct, and hiring a company like Golden Financial Services, will be your superior choice.

Let’s take a closer look at the National Credit Card Hardship Programs that are available in the United States (U.S.). 

Or if you are ready to speak with a debt expert and find out what national debt relief program will aid you towards becoming debt-free, just call the help hotline at 866-376-9846 now!

The Best National Credit Card Debt Relief Programs – As of 2016

This information is provided by Golden Financial Services, America’s Premier debt relief company and one of the oldest in the industry.

Each program has different benefits and negatives that consumers need to be aware of.

PROS to national debt relief programs

All national debt relief programs will provide you with one-easy monthly payment that fits your budget. Depending on if it’s debt settlement, debt validation or consumer credit counseling will determine your potential savings and program length. Call 866-376-9846 to find out what program you qualify for and get a savings estimate. There are other factors such as your state’s guidelines and creditor requirements, if you have a hardship and if you are current or behind on payments.

Your interest rates can get significantly reduced with consumer credit counseling, sometimes from 30% down to 8%, or if you have an extreme hardship you may get your balances settled for a fraction of what’s owed, or debt validation will ensure your creditors are reporting accurate information on your credit and abiding by all the federal laws.

Depending on what program you join, the length of the programs range from 1-5 years (on average). Without national debt relief programs, some people would never get out of debt, or it could take 10-years or longer. To find out the best program for you, based on your needs, circumstances and state’s guidelines, simply call 866-376-9846 now.

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CONS to debt relief programs

Creditors may harass you in the beginning of the program. Even when creditors are not supposed to call clients, sometimes they still will. For example, if an attorney contacts your creditors, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act the law requires the creditor direct their communication to your attorney, but at times they will still try to call the consumer and circumvent the attorney in order to scare a person into paying the maximum. Remember creditors are like sales people. Take a look at this article illustrating how creditors often harass people illegally.

You may receive a 1099 if a debt is settled for less than the full amount. This is due to your savings appearing as income. This can be dealt with if you are insolvent, and you may not have to pay anything after an accountant responds with what’s called a #984 form.

With consumer credit counseling a mark will be reported on your credit illustrating to future lenders that you need this type of program to manage your accounts, some lenders look down upon this mark while other lenders don’t mind it. With debt settlement it will not be reported that you utilized a debt settlement program, but late marks and collection marks will appear on your credit. Certain programs include credit repair for no additional cost.