Debt Settlement Services

Debt settlement or negotiation is a process that assists consumers with paying off high bills or unsecured accounts.

Have Only 1 Flexible Monthly Payment

Pay off all Accounts in 3 Years or Less

Pay Back Less Than the Full Balance Owed

Attorney Protection Included on the Program

The Golden Financial Services Program has Been Assisting Consumers in the United States Since 2004

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A+ Rated Debt Settlement Service

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Debt Settlement Services
Date Published: 03/28/2013
5 / 5 stars

How Does Debt Settlement Work?

Experienced negotiators contact the creditors or collection agencies on behalf of their clients and negotiate a settlement. The settlement is beneficial to the creditor because without it, often consumers will have to declare bankruptcy, where creditors will then lose money.

To Qualify:

1. You must have a hardship situation.

2. You must have over $7,500 in total unsecured debt.

3. Not all states qualify.

To get a consultation and find out if you qualify call us at 1-866-376-9846, or start by filling out the short contact form on the right.


Debt Settlement Service

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Best Debt Settlement Companies

The top companies will usually have a tremendous amount of leverage with the creditors. Most of the larger companies will use the bulk settlement approach.

The bulk settlement approach is where the settlement company will bulk together, at times hundreds of clients’ worth of accounts, and then negotiate with the creditor based on a massive number of clients’ worth of debt at a given time.

This technique gives negotiators leverage to solidify the largest discounts.

Over time the larger companies will establish relationships and contacts with the creditors making the process more efficient.

Our servicing negotiators here at Golden Financial Services settle more than 15 million dollars of debt on a monthly basis.

We strive to provide our clients with superior service they deserve and we have been focusing on this type of debt relief since 2004.

What do the best and most trustworthy companies have in common?

1. Provide clients with financial education while on the program. (Click Here to Learn how this Program Affects your Credit)

2. Set their customers up with an attorney in their state while on the program in case lawsuits occur or creditors attempt to sue.

3. Provide their clients with asset protection.

4. Have been in business for more than eight years.

5. Have zero unresolved customer complaints.

6. Have the highest rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

7. The negotiators are paid based on how they perform and how much money they save their clients.

At Golden Financial Services, it’s absolutely imperative that our clients are successful.

See how much money you can save today!


During our consultation, we can answer your questions that you may have, provide you an estimated savings analysis and details regarding a plan to get you out of debt.

If you prefer to keep reading about the program, then we recommend that you visit the next page.

We also recommend that you read this page, which goes over all of the other debt relief options available in the United States, including debt settlement services.


  • Fees are included and results may vary.
  • A debt settlement program will negatively effect a person’s credit score. Learn more about rebuilding credit after graduating on a debt settlement program.
  • Fees are included with debt settlement services. At Golden Financial Services fees are only earned at the time settlements are made.
  • Creditors are not paid on a monthly basis with a debt settlement program. Therefore late fees and interest can accumulate prior to debts being settled and creditors may sue. Understand the difference between debt settlement services and debt consolidation.