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“My debt seemed to spiral out of control back in 2010. I had been paying minimum payments on it for over ten years. The balance never seemed to change. Then in 2010 my income drastically was lowered and I was forced to fall behind on my cards. My brother in law told me to declare bankruptcy, but I had a bad feeling about bankruptcy, so I decided to research other options. I found Golden Financial Services on the Internet at the Better Business Bureau website. From all the companies that I researched, Golden Financial Services had been in business for the longest time-frame, they had no unresolved customer complaints and a great rating. That gave me all the confidence that I needed and I decided to give them a call. After calling them and hearing that I could be set up with a payment that was close to half of what I had been paying on my own, I decided to sign up. I was so happy when receiving a phone call last week from my legal assistant who has been helping me on the program. She informed me that Chase, who was my last creditor, was ready to settle. I just received my confirmation from Chase that my debt has been satisfied and the balance is at zero dollars. It feels so good to be debt free! Twelve creditors have been settled and paid off on this program and I am done!

Thank you Golden Financial Services. Patricia, from Buffalo New York

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  • Tick Consumers will be contacted by one of our experienced debt experts within 24 hours after filling out the form on this page.
  • Tick Not all consumers and not all states will qualify for our programs. Consultations are always absolutely free. Our job is to fully inform consumers with information regarding all of their options.
  • Tick Debt settlement and consumer credit counseling programs are not intended to improve a person's credit score. Debt relief programs can lower a person's credit score. Debt relief programs are designed to help consumers with paying off their unsecured accounts in the fastest possible time-frame. After graduating on a debt settlement program consumers can rebuild their credit score.
  • Tick Debt relief companies like Golden Financial Services include financial education on their programs in order to assist consumers with becoming financially fit by the time they graduate.
  • Tick There are fees included with debt settlement and consumer credit counseling programs.
  • Tick The IRS could request that a person pay taxes on the amount of money saved when enrolled on a debt settlement program. If this occurs, there are forms that can filled out to show the IRS that a person is insolvent.
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