What is the best debt relief program for 2016?

Debt Relief Programs That Work!

What is the best debt relief program? 

Want the bad news or good news first?

Let’s start with the bad news.

When it comes to debt relief programs – There is NO “One-Size-Fits-All.”

Ready for the good news?

The good news is; at Golden Financial Services you can choose from a variety of debt relief programs, depending on what your goals and needs may be.

Are you looking to repair your credit? Is your goal to start saving for retirement? Are you trying to buy a new home or car?

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How do I find the best debt relief company to work with?

Most debt relief companies offer one or two debt relief programs, at the most. Unfortunately, these companies will often try to squeeze every person into their one or two programs just to make a sale, even when it is not right for that individual.

At Golden Financial Services we can advise you on all of your debt relief options. You can count on reliable financial advice. We have a team of professionals that spend full time on researching new methods and options to resolving unsecured debts – allowing us to evolve and continue to offer the most efficient debt relief programs on the market to consumers like yourself.

Our Credentials:

  • A+ rated debt relief company with the Better Business Bureau (Visit www.BBB.org to see our rating)
  • ZERO customer complaints at www.BBB.org
  • 13+ years in business – operating in the debt relief industry
  • High client reviews on Yelp and Google – Don’t take our word for it – LOOK FOR YOURSELF! 
  • Golden Financial Services was recently voted as the; Top Debt Relief Company” – CLICK TO VIEW, by the industry gurus at Financial Product Reviews and at RetirementSavvy.net

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Summary of debt relief programs in the United States. 

Some consumers need debt consolidation to pay off their high interest existing loans – then getting a single low-interest loan to pay back.
This option will only make sense if the new loan has a lower interest rate than the existing debts. Beware of companies that charge high fees and hidden fees – associated with debt consolidation loans. Learn more about debt consolidation by visiting this page next.

If you have a financial hardship – debt settlement may be your best option. With debt settlement, your balances can be lowered to a significant amount less than the full balance owed. A debt settlement program is setup for the client’s to make only one single and affordable monthly payment. We recommend you visit this page next to learn about the downsides and benefits that come along with a debt settlement program.

Consumer credit counseling can allow you to get a reduced interest rate, become debt free quicker and have only one monthly payment. With this type of program, your creditors continue to get paid each month, but the company is in charge of dispersing the multiple payments to your creditors – allowing you to have only one payment each month.
With this type of program, a person can become debt free in around 4.5 years. Learn more about consumer credit counseling by visiting this page next.

Debt validation is one of the best debt relief programs if you have third-party debt collection accounts. This type of program allows you first to dispute each of your debts to be sure the debt collectors are abiding by the federal laws and reporting accurate information to the credit reporting agencies. If they cannot produce accurate and complete records, the debt collection company will no longer be able to collect on the alleged debt. Learn more about debt validation by visiting this page next.

We hope to be able to assist you on your journey towards finding the best debt relief program for your needs.