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Credit card debt sets new record

Americans have set a new record for credit card debt, according to the Federal Reserve Bank. In November of last year, the total amount of debt was $1.23 trillion, an increase of $11.2 billion. This is the highest number ever recorded, beating figures from 2008. Credit cards are classified as revolving credit but non-revolving credit […]

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How to Handle Holiday Debt (Newspaper Article)

Released on January, 5th, 2018, out of the Cornwall Local Newspaper –Featuring Paul J Paquin, CEO at Golden Financial Services CLICK HERE to Learn About Debt Relief Options (as mentioned in the article)  CLICK HERE to Try Debt Calculator  Talk to an IAPDA Certified Professional & Learn About Debt Relief Options for Free at (866) […]

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Credit Card Debt Statistics Just Released by CFPB

If you are one of the millions that uses credit cards to make ends meet, you are not alone. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued its biennial credit card report just as 2017 ended. Credit card debt increased since the 2015 report by 5%. Subprime card holders, those with less than ideal credit scores, […]

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Credit Card Hardship Programs (Without Hurting Credit)

  Contents1 Do it Yourself Credit Card Debt Hardship Programs2 STEP ONE – UNDERSTAND HOW TO GET APPROVED FOR A CREDIT CARD HARDSHIP PROGRAM WITHOUT HURTING YOUR CREDIT SCORE.3 STEP TWO – CREATE “FINANCIAL HARDSHIP LETTER” (USE TEMPLATE)3.1 Chase Financial Hardship Program Letter Template (CLICK TO USE IT)3.2 Capital One Hardship Program Letter Template (CLICK […]

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What is a Debt Relief Program?

  Can I consolidate my debt with bad credit? What’s the best credit card to consolidate debt with? Will your debt relief program pay off all my debt? How does debt relief affect your credit?   These questions are the most frequently asked questions that people ask our Debt Specialists’ here at Golden Financial Services. […]

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How To Quickly Resolve Private Student Loan Debt

Before we talk about private student loan solutions, let’s closely examine the problem.   The New York Times just released breaking news; “As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away”   The New York Times stated that; “Judges have already dismissed dozens of lawsuits against former students, essentially wiping out their […]

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31 Ways to Resolve Credit Card Debt (Guaranteed to work!)

  You will be able to resolve your credit card debt with ease after reading this quick guide. These are the basic tips and favorite tricks from the credit card experts at Golden Financial Services.   Are you ready to change your life and become debt free & STAY DEBT-FREE?   Statistically, 20% of consumers […]

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Private Student Loan Debt Relief Guide

The complex nature of a “private student loan debt” — is what makes this kind of debt so difficult to resolve. Once you understand the chemical makeup of a private student loan — you can then develop a calculated plan to resolve it. Private student loan debts are tricky, and the banks purposely make them […]

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Unsecured Debt & Credit (All You Need to Know in a Quick Guide)

Unsecured debt and credit cards can be used as powerful tools to transform one’s finances and increase a person’s income. This guide will protect you from making the same mistakes that I made when I was young.   Most people associate unsecured debt with stress and frustration, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In […]

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9 Easy Steps To Improve Your Credit Score (by 100 Points)

Before we get started, it is important for you to know who the source of this information is. Golden Financial Services has been in business and specializing in debt relief and credit repair since 2004. My name is Paul Paquin. I am the CEO at Golden Financial Services, and I look forward to hopefully helping you to […]

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